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  1. Thanks guys, will action as advised..
  2. Anyone any comment, someone must have tried it??
  3. Second that 👍👍
  4. I have a transfer lever rattle and see that there are no anti rattle spring plates fitted. Can they be fitted from inside the tub or is it a transmission out job?? If it can be done from above, how fiddly is it and any good tips? Cheers
  5. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me, covering the postage cost.. someone kindly gave me one gratis. I've no doubt you will shift it as there are quite a few folk out there looking for one still.. Cheers Nick
  6. I've seen different types advertised (not cheap!) some olive drab canvas, most in felt, and horse hair. I know it's individual preferences, but does anyone have a reasonably priced sources (or alternatives) at all for any of the above?? Cheers
  7. Hi,Does anyone here in UK have the aerial rods that screw into this Hotchkiss antennae mount (pics attached)Please pm if you think you can help or steer me in the right direction, someone thought BG56's are needed but wasn't 100% sure.Cheers
  8. Well nobody bought it when it was advertised privately several times but it should sell at auction..
  9. Hi all, Anyone out there with a starting handle no longer used?. please pm me with details if you have. Cheers
  10. Cheers, I’m taking a punt on the ones from India as they’re pretty well concealed so only a purist would know the difference... I’ll be contacting Joes next week over the door sockets thanks..
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the body sockets for half doors are "universal sockets" or not, I have a few missing on my jeep and don't really want to buy a full kit. I'm in the UK and all seem to be full kits.. Also, I see ebay have reasonably priced side marker lights (albeit from India!), has anyone experience of these??. sadly the the previous owner of mine removed (and lost) them and fitted indicators in their place instead and I want to go back to original.... Cheers
  12. Thanks for steering me in the direction of this one, I’ve bought it and am arranging to get it transported.. 👍
  13. Cheers... just sent as pm to him, thanks for the steer..
  14. Cannot see that link alas as I'm not a member of that one and I think you have to be an MVT club member..
  15. Yep, this was sold about two years ago and is an old link... Thanks for the note though..
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