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Jeep Tech Question


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Jeep aficionados! There are two 'Standard' steering wheels available for Jeeps as far as I am aware!

The thin spoked wartime pattern, & the thick Postwar Hotchkiss pattern.

Can anyone tell me please. Are the diameters different at all? IE: Is a Wartime wheel slightly smaller,

Than a Hotcho version?  If so, by how much?

Thanks in advance.


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13 hours ago, Maurice said:

there are 3 basic ww2 versions , first the black bakelite version , 2nd  olive drab plastic one , third  tin spoked olive drab version , post war Hotchkiss is fatter in the center , but then there is an olive drab M38 version as well .

Yes, but WHICH is the SMALLEST diameter!

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3 hours ago, Nick Johns said:

All types of Jeep steering wheels are similar diameter

So could you explain why there is a roumer that the Wartime Wheels are smaller at all Nick? I have heard this a few times in the past. & it is only NOW that I need to know the exact diameter! 😏

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No it’s the earlier 1942 black Shellar wheel. As mentioned above, the 1941 and early 42 Willys MB and the Jan to April 42 VEP Ford GPWs has a black Shellar plastic steering wheel. The the early to mid 42 Jeeps had a mixture of Green Shellar steering wheels thrown in. Next was the thin steering wheel from probably mid 42 to cease production. 

is yours definitely a Hotchkiss? Just be sure it’s not an original Shellar as they are scarce in good condition and are valued way above a thin spoke.


a check on line suggests these are 17.2 to 17.3” in diameter.

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