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I have had things from them in the past but didn't get a reply last time I asked for pricing on something (late last year as I recall) - for Clansman kit I concur with the recommendations of ta_shuntca_uitco, Steve Slack and PTS Norfolk.


These are Clansman specialists - for Russian and NATO radios I have used radiosurplus.it, https://www.sparks-military.com/en/, and http://www.reforger.de/en/18-us-army-military-radio- this year with success - TDM Electronics in Poland sometimes have good prices and sometimes not, as well.



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I got very good service from TDM Electronics in Poland. I was a bit wary at first, but they very quickly dispatched two Racal VRM 5080's and all necessary ancillaries. Which turned up two days early and all in working order. Also, for what i thought, was cheap !

I have only dealt with them twice, both times it has gone well, maybe i just got lucky !

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On 29/09/2017 at 11:16 PM, daleheywoodtanks said:

i use clansmanspares aka ta_shunca_uitco on ebay

based in wakefield, west yorkshire. warehouses full of clansman stock, knowledgable and quick delivery.

tested and working, unless he says otherwise.

Each to his own. I've had a bad experience with Douglas Graham and avoid him.

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