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  1. Good Morning Richard A quick question whilst my hands are greasy. Dingo oil dip stick, is the oil level taken with it screwed down or resting on the top of the dip stick tube. Have a good Christmas, Cheers Michael
  2. if you go to Electrothermal for a price on BV's, you will need to be seated when you read the quote.
  3. I past my army test on a 1953 3 ton Commer Q4 with crash box. Would always pick her to drive instead of the RL's with heaters she was great to drive. Once you have cracked it you can make her sing like a bird. Go out on a quite road and practice, you must get the speed off and match the engine speed or she will play you up. Mick
  4. The one I fitted in my MJ did not have the spare wire yours does, same switch and lamp which came on with the switch, going out on the boil. On 432' the BV's were placed in the rear doors, may be it is a remote warning light.
  5. If you read the Mail or Sun newspapers today you will see a report of the fastest Police arrests in history. Five welders from English came over in a UK registered van, had permission to land in the Isle of Man to do two days urgent repair work. Landing conditions stated they were only allowed to travel directly to the hotel on landing and then hotel to work ONLY. So what do they do, go to Tesco's to buy breakfast dressed in working kit plus face masks looking like they has just landed from the moon, in a community that has no restrictions. Waiting at the hotel on arrival were the police
  6. Have you got the vehicle to BV supply lead? I have many leads and two BV's, if that helps. Mick
  7. 61 on a light green square is the company marking within the infantry brigade, ie green square is infantry, 61 is the company, but you need the army group insignia to go with it. Example. 61 light green square with the dessert rat insignia would read as follows. Dessert rats put it in the 21st army group, which is attached to the 8th army. light green square makes it infantry therefore 131 infantry brigade which is the infantry attached to 8th army, 61 makes it the senior rifle battalion of the 1/6th Queen's. now you need the bridge sign and platoon markings if used. Easy to fol
  8. The Goons met during WW2 whilst enlisted and performing in army unit shows, including Michael Bentine. First time Spike met Harry was when he lost his artillery gun. Books on these characters are well worth reading.
  9. Richard I though Spike Milligan was Eccles and his artillery gun which was not dug in correctly, went down the side of a hill passing Ned Seagoon (Harry Secombe). on its way. I can not remember the exact words said, it was something like "has anyone seen my gun" Mick
  10. I spent three hours collating all the data and entering it only for it to wipe the screen clear, telling me it had timed out. It seems that it will only except five vehicle and assumes no sane person would collect more. Bring in the men with the white straight jacket and take me away. See you in the nut house, I will let you know the visiting hours. Cheers Mick
  11. All the MK/MJ Bedford's smoked from new until warmed up and will make a large smoke cloud. The air brakes snatch when cold, all part of the character of the vehicle you own. You are spending money trying to correct a fault that is not there. Mick
  12. Larry you will need the correct grease, split pin, locking washers, paper hand towel, couple cans beer that may come in the kit. Get the bearing kit, see what is inside and then talk to you mate to see if he needs anything else. What is lockdown, not a word used in this free island. Mick
  13. Hi Larry May I respectfully suggest that you find a friendly garage or friend so you can watch your first bearing being replaced and most importantly correctly adjusted. The adjustment is most important for two reasons, to loose it could cause the wheel to come off, to tight will cause bearing damage. The internet shows mechanics changing a L/R bearing removing the old bearing Race/Cup with a drift, that's ok but I would not use a drift to replace the new item due to possible damage. Line up the new race lightly tapping into place with a copper hammer, then place the old race up side down
  14. For the film Charlotte Gray the K2 that I drove in RAF kit was in fact in army markings taped over for the film. Also the M20 I rode as D/R the day before in BD's was not in the correct London Army Unit markings and can not be used as a tac sign reference point. Mick
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