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  1. As an update to my post, with an electrical engineer friend I checked the ohm values of the tank sender unit, and of the torroidal coil, plus the wires which go forward into the Ferret driving compartment and connect to the wires going into the instrument panel switchboard at the connection cluster by your right knee. We also removed the sender unit and bent the float arm because it was obstructing on the side of the fuel tank. WE had to bend the float arm; we couldn't rotate it wrt to the sender unit by loosening the screws of the two clamps at the top and bottom of the grey tube conn
  2. Wally, thanks for this. I've moved the float arm with the aid of a stick and its moving freely. Since my post, I've found instructions in EMER V623 Unit repairs, Chap 10, page 8-9 and Para. 19 to check voltage and resistance between the three terminals of the tank sender unit as 400 ohms. The resistance between pairs of cables at the instrument panel end should be 600 ohms. Any further information that I find, I'll post on here.
  3. Hello folks, The fuel tank now only registers 1/4 full. I'm told its likely because the indicator potentiometer windings have failed, and they are poorly constructed in the first place. Has anyone ever managed to replace this unit or, for that matter, the sender unit in the fuel tank? I know its easy to look into the tank to check the fuel level, but I'd like to try and rectify the problem. Any advice gratefully received regarding fault-checking. If any one has a spare dud instrument panel that I could look at, I'd be very grateful to hear from you. Clive remarked in a sepa
  4. An update to the post about fitting a new Ferret tacho cable. I said in the earlier post above “You have to remove the two bolts holding the engine breather tube in place. Don’t undo the single nut holding the other end of the breather tube in a jubilee/hose clip. It is impossible to replace working through the rear inspection hatch into the engine bay. Rather, work the breather tube out of the way”. If you do (as I did) unwittingly remove the nut and bolt holding the clip for the engine breather tube in place, only to discover later the magnitude of effort involved in its replacem
  5. Hello folks, Two good condition 9x16 Ferret Dunlop Trakgrip 'lazy S' tread tyres for sale. I'm looking for £70 each. I'm selling to help a friend on hard times and my wife wants them out of the garage. They have been stored flat. Buyer collects from Harwell, south Oxfordshire. Please contact me by email = j.sanderson[at]har.mrc.ac.uk cheers, Jeremy
  6. Thanks to support from Paul McNeill in Canada, to Clive for NSNs and others on this forum, I managed to fit a new tacho cable in the Daimler Ferret this week. Here, based on Paul’s advice with what I learnt is a summary for others to follow. You can get a sealed replacement cable from Speedy Cables. The price was £65; with carriage and VAT the total was £93.54. A very good price and excellent service from Speedy. Speak to Darren, or quote my invoice No. 29368. Delivery was the next day by UPS. The standard cable is 11 feet. On Paul’s advice I got one made up with an extra 4 inches. Actua
  7. Thanks for all your help. Paul McN (Canada) suggested I asked for an extra 4" on the neew cable. Shall be fitting it shortly, and will let folks know how it went.
  8. Hello folks, I have bought a dog-eared copy of Driver Training Notes issued by COD Bicester in November 1971. These are A4 sized. Unfortunately, the first one of two pages are missing because the ring binder holes on the pages have torn. My copy starts at precis 1 , Para. 5 'The Transmission'. If anyone recognises this manual and has the front page(s) to precis 1 that they can scan and let me have, I'd be very grateful. I have uploaded the first page I have of Precis 1, and the start of Precis 2, to show the sort of page(s) that I'm missing. cheers, Mad Scientist
  9. Dear Clive, As ever, you come up with the goods - this is very helpful. Thank you so much: you're a star! Hope you are well, cheers, Jeremy
  10. Hello folks, Can someone please help me locate the Ferret tachometer cable NSN - I need to replace my broken one. I think they are 11 feet long. Any information appreciated on the type of termination at each end, so that I can get the correct cable made up. Many thanks, Mad Scientist
  11. I've used GC Hurrel. They are very good. http://www.gchurrell.co.uk/contact/details.html
  12. Hi Dingo, Seen this post late. Did you sell the EMER V627? Are you able to reply to me on j.sanderson@har.mrc.ac.uk please (I don't use the revampedHMVF much these days) cheers, Mad Scientist.
  13. Each to his own. I've had a bad experience with Douglas Graham and avoid him.
  14. Hi Joris, John has put this best, and i heartily endorse what he's said. Thanks for all you and Jack and the other Admins do, yes, I realise that it must be disheartening for you to get this feedback, but many of us like the familiar and until the explanation came, had no idea of why the vhanges had to be made. cheers, Mad Scientist PS Can replies be made to individual posts on a thread, or just to the bottom of that particular thread? Otherwise I would have put this reply with John Comber's post, above.
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