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Taking Weapons to Europe??

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A friend is taking his Jeep to Ursel in Belgium for the show there, but is taking off his .30 cal as he isn't sure about regulations regarding taking weapons through customs and back again.


Has anyone done this, and if so, what needed to be done to stay within the law.





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In 1981 I got married. The best man and I signed out a set of 1923 model 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars Peace Time Uniform each, tailored to perfection, then stumbled over identical sabres.


The RSM was extremely helpful (we had both previously been in Command Troop for a number of years, and this would be an eye-turner for the regiment).


He organised for us to cross Sennelager Training Area to where the Queen's Own Hussars were stationed. Their Quartermaster very kindly agreed to issue two identical Wilkinson sabres, but he wanted them straight back. After three weeks on honeymoon was not an option


We travelled home, driving across Europe in my bright yellow Mark 2 Capri complete with black vinyl roof, the two sabres and two sets of uniform in the boot.


John, the best man, had to return home immediately because his close recce troop was deploying with their parent battlegroup to the British Army Training Unit, Suffield (BATUS), near Medicine Hat in Canada on Exercise Medicine Man. He planned to walk onto a ferry and catch a train back to the Corps Area.


He was quite happy to carry two ceremonial sabres, but when you stepped off the ferry, customs went through the roof.


I don't think he will ever let me forget the hassle he went through on my behalf.

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Reminds me of a trip I made to Normandy about 30 years ago. I had bought a 1939 German Jerrycan, which customs would not belive was just a momento. I had to dig it out of the back of the estate car I was driving, and open it to show it was empty before they would let me pass.

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