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War and Peace Revival 2016 pictures

Niels v

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Nice photos chaps thanks for sharing.


It's good to see after all the uncertainty that has surrounded W&P that the show still managed to field some rare and interesting vehicles, this was always the strong point of the show in that it attracted rare and little seen examples.



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Thanks for the photo of my lorry, you caught me taking a rest around the back. Unless I missed one, it was the only QL at the show.


cheers Richard


I love QL's and usually make a pic when I see them, this is the only one I saw but I didn't go around all the vehicle exhibits.


Btw a mate is looking into getting one, so if you might have a lead to a decent one... :D

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These are the only pictures I took.


Something went a bit not quite right with the prize giving. (Although I am not sure how many winners actually received a "prize")


Anyway the winner of the Dale Prior Memorial Plaque for best Hunber 1-Ton was Roger Graystone. He was apparently not on the prizewinners list although present in the arena but received no acknowledgement as a winner.


Shortly afterwards I presented him with a WPR fleece kindly provided by the organisers & presented him with a brass plaque. This was a proper lump of brass & engraved both sides, that cost cost £30 each to have manufactured, so something worth keeping.


IMG_20160723_161526 (Medium).jpg


IMG_20160723_160827 (Medium).jpg


As for the show itself I found it most enjoyable with no problems, although it saddened me to see such large areas of emptiness around the site with many regulars no longer attending.

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