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  1. Richard, Quite a few years ago, I found small children to be good at this job...but suppose a wire brush on a grinder would work too!
  2. Excellent Richard. Do you think you'll be at Capel with the truck?
  3. My C60s Wrecker has headed West today. After 7 years of adventures. Thank-you HMVF who put me in contact with the Jordan.
  4. Also. Contract 8055 was the last contract for the "10 Cwt. 2-Wheeled, Lightweight, G.S.,No. 1, Mk. 2"
  5. Evening Jurgen, The key card is interesting. If I'm reading it correctly your trailer was from Contract number: S8055 and had the previous serial number 6212185. It would have been marked up as X6212185. I'm sure is was built and used in WWII. Have a look at one of my trailers to see what I mean re the numbers:
  6. Hi, Yes a British 10cwt Lightweight trailer. A No1 MkII. Looks like a very good project and eminently restorable. The number stamped on the chassis spine is a Post-war registration. May-be added later in its life as the basic trailer is identical to WWII versions, so well might be.
  7. Hi Jordan, Restored C60s Wrecker available. Correct 216 engine and all gear works. Lots of history. PM me if interested.
  8. Hi, Yes, that is a mid-late WWII Lightweight trailer hitch. It might be possible to adapt a later replacement ring and shaft to fit. John
  9. It obviously wasn't what we'd planned for VE Day (Guernsey 75th Liberation Tour), but positive comments from neighbours and passers by helped celebrate the important day.
  10. The chassis is in excellent condition. Just sand blast and paint
  11. Who'd have thought they were so common😉 Great to see another one saved. Was it also being used as a livestock field bowser?
  12. God to see one of these pumps to scale compared to the Jeep Dynamo.....smaller than Id imagined. Cheers
  13. Excellent! Great to have an original pump....interesting that its Canadian
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