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  1. But back to your question: The exhaust was rotted off my First MUREX, so had to get creative.
  2. Having worked on "Low Orginal chassis" and this one (High), I found this higher chassis much easier for access to the engine. Perhaps after they decided it was never going in a glider again, the REME just did what you've done (in reverse) and removed the low chassis and fitted this one?
  3. I'll see if I can help: - Yes, the almost mythical "Z-trailer". One is thought to exist, but not restored. - Binned trailer - Electrical Repair trailer - MUREX Welding trailer (the portable voltage regulator box sits on the front bin - Compressor trailer
  4. As so often with these things it has taken longer to finally finish this rebuild than we had anticipated....but we are there🍾. New canvas fitted and myriad of small details finished. We have completed the restoration of this British contract Canadian Chevrolet C15 to be as accurate as possible to its appearance in 1944. Non-original items are a 12v alternator and battery. I've also added a discreetly fitted electric fuel pump to help prime the system after its stood for a while (something I fit to all my trucks) We've not added any markings so that the future owner can mark it to suit their personal taste/interest. This truck has a very unusual history and has now been saved. This thread shows some of the work we've undertaken to make it one of the best C15 trucks available. We have the engine cover, again in perfect condition...just left it off for these photos to show off the engine. Road registered and ready to go. Now for sale, it is currently garaged near Yalding in Kent where it can be viewed by appointment. Price is £22k.
  5. Another rare one.....very heavy though! There is one in the museum in Groningen, and the only other one I know of belongs to Louis Wright and was at W&P Show in 2011 when I took most of these photos
  6. A momentous day for our C15: first time it has moved under its own power in at least 37 years. We just need to double check the new voltage regulator is operating correctly and we can then fit the nose, mirrors, wipers , ,bumper and brush guard. Bound to be some teething issues to tweak, but all being well will be up for sale by end of summer. Please let me know if anyone is interested. IMG_4826.mov IMG_4826.mov
  7. "good job this isn’t an hourly paid thing. I’d be make no money"........definitely, dont work out an hourly rate for trailer rebuilds!😄
  8. Another trip to Kent for some more work on the truck. Fitted windscreens and rear screen is in, all with new glass. Spare wheel in its clamps on the toolbox. We just need to make sure it is charging correctly and we run it up the drive. Then the nose cone can go back on. While the truck has a complete new loom. we added a small non-original fusebox. Practical and will be well hidden under the dash. Also, after 16 months from placing the order, I understand the canvas is ready for collection. 🤞 IMG_3423.HEIC IMG_3427.HEIC IMG_3428.HEIC
  9. Spring is in the air and we are back on the C15 rebuild. Over the winter we've had the waterpump and dynamo rebuilt by specialists. Finished fitting gearbox and prop today. Also gave engine a longer run up to temperature. Hope to be on the move soon. Only issue now is that the canvas we ordered in Oct 2021...yes 2021....still not ready. We may end up putting it for sale later in the spring without canvas, knock that off the price and let the new owner either get their own made or take over the order we placed! Video of it running on MLU FB page.
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