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Panzerkampfwagen 38h735(f) (Hotchkiss h39) restoration!

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New Year and new project's:laugh:, in the end of November 2015 i bought and rescued this beuty from ann Norwagian shooting range. a Hotchkiss h39! one of about 10 left in the world! this vehicle was taken by the germans in france and they used it in Finland and North Norway! in panzerabteilung 211. it will now be restored to running condition. the vehicle is about 70/80% complete missing engine and gearbox and some small's, so i hope someone has some part's i can buy :angel:


the chassie number for this vehicle is 40611.






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surviving panzers website shows 16 vehicles left, including yours, the H35 on the beach in France, and the 3 chassis in the Becker collection. A very rare vehicle indeed.


the vehicle is about 70/80% complete missing engine and gearbox and some small's, so i hope someone has some part's i can buy :angel:
what engine was in the H39 ? IT shows the H35 had a six-cylinder 3,480 cc , 78 hp.

The H39 had a 120 horsepower 6 cylinder , displacement of ?cc.


Best chance of finding an engine/gearbox might ASPHM association or Becker collection. Assuming he's willing to part with any of his treasure




otherwise, and FV432 set-up is another option

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been a while since last time i posted something, and alot have happened since last time! :D the parts have been taken apart and sandblasted/primed !! now im soon ready to start welding! still searching for more parts!










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Well, at least you can see where to weld now. :)


Would it be relatively easy to find a replacement gun for it?




i have been looking at a sparepart canon :-) i hope to buy it so i can take parts from it.

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It appears that the 37mm hasn't been deactivated to current EU standards................ Oh no I've mentioned the EU in a derogatory manner...


hahaha.. yeah. that gun will never fire a real round again. remember that its the norwegian army that has sold me this vehicle :) infact they are going to help me build a simfire system for the maingun. gun laws are not that strict in norway:D. and Norway are not a member of the EU.

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