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  1. 007 plots have more credibility, I feel! Still, he's getting attention, so I dare say he's happy in spite of being on a government hit-list...
  2. Got to be Master Milo! The only reason to dislike the weekend is there's no Werkplaatsvlog on Saturday & Sunday.
  3. Adolf’s compensator... 😉
  4. Definite similarities, I thought - I did wonder, given its unusual shape, whether it had been re-purposed from another vehicle for use on the M42, but I've found nothing to back that up so far.
  5. Could be way wide of the mark, but there seems to be a very similar-looking box on the rear of the M42 Duster. Kevin https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/m42-duster/#gallery[photonic-flickr-set-1]/9450067420/
  6. This is the beast in question - there's a picture about halfway down on the right that shows the operating lever that prompted the nickname. Kevin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1895_Colt–Browning_machine_gun
  7. I did find this photo (third post down) just after I posted above, but I don't think it was a particularly common occurrence. https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/173218-ww1-military-motors-1916-set-x-50-cards/page/43/
  8. Just a thought - weren't the Motor Machine Gun Batteries armed with Vickers guns? I don't think I remember seeing a British combo armed with a Lewis gun before. I note that the Belgians used the Lewis as well though, including on some of the Minervas I think, so could the bike combo also actually be Belgian?
  9. Not sure about "anti aircraft lorry", to be honest - that looks like a Belgian Minerva armoured car to me.
  10. I would imagine that German artillery would have had a field day with that if it was an observation post (or at least one close enough to any action to see anything useful)! Wasn't it the usual idea that the observers or other messengers close to the front (balloon or terrestrial) had a pigeon basket with them with a few birds & then said birds would fly messages back to their 'home' loft (like this one) which would then essentially function as an 'exchange', routing information to the intended recipients? Kevin
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