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  1. Should be fairly easy to say whether the RN ever lost a ship in that area & if so when. There seem to have been quite a number of civilian vessels fitted with copper hull sheathing though, so I'd say it might be more likely to be one of those, tbh.
  2. Yep - can't have the audience getting too appreciative, makes them go all giddy & stuff... 😂
  3. The Environment Agency are just one of the consultees in any planning application - in the case of a proposed residential redevelopment of a brown-field site, their involvement may go a bit further than for Joe Bloggs sticking up a new conservatory, but they usually simply offer an opinion on the potential impact of a development upon the natural environment. This is generally in terms of flooding, etc., but possibly in terms of disposal of contaminated soils if they've been identified by pre-development sampling. They do not have the deciding vote on anything in my experience & are regularly overruled by planners (e.g., in the case of developments that have been given permission on flood plains & the like). And yes, seeing what to us is interesting history being dug up would be something to look forward to, but to the developers & a great number of people in society at large, it's just a load of scrap, sadly. Regarding your final paragraph, this is all the more reason for the developers & planners to be upfront about all of this. The last thing they want are surprises that lead to hold-ups to their programme - groundworkers & brickies stood around twiddling their thumbs costs money. So your hints at secrecy & underhand schemes makes no sense at all - sorry.
  4. So, what are you saying now - they're going to remove the 'tanks' in secret, if they can get away with it? And presumably scrap them in secret as well? And presumably backfill the resulting bloody great 'ole in secret so no-one asks awkward questions about why there's suddenly a bloody great 'ole there now? 🤔 If they're going to dig them out anyway, and scrap or sell them anyway, then why, pray tell, aren't they just being upfront about it? Having a load of scrap metal buried on your site isn't going to interfere with planning consent - it's simply ground contamination, nothing more, nothing less. Developers & builders deal with this sort of thing day in, day out - there's no statutory protection for scrap, tanks or otherwise, I'm afraid to say...
  5. So now it's the Canadians not the Americans preventing us from scrapping them? Thanks for clearing that up... And you have some photos of tanks three years before they were buried? I dare say I do, too... And "Patience"...? Of course, we wait with bated breath... 🤣
  6. I'm probably missing something here, but Churchills weren't in any way lend/lease as far as I know, so why would it matter to the US whether we scrapped them or not? Or did you say that they were buried as another one of Mr Churchill's mythical 'reserves' hidden away for the 'next war' - I forget. Also as an an archaeologist who has some experience of dealing with contaminated sites, I can guarantee that if anyone's run a magnetometer or ground-penetrating radar across the site, then they will have discovered Caesar's lost armoured division. The same goes for any boreholing & trial pitting that is usually undertaken as a matter of course on any brown-field site that destined for residential use...
  7. Looking the business now! 👍
  8. What we really need is Scooby Doo & the gang - they'd get to the bottom of the mystery! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Absolutely beautiful work!
  10. 007 plots have more credibility, I feel! Still, he's getting attention, so I dare say he's happy in spite of being on a government hit-list...
  11. Got to be Master Milo! The only reason to dislike the weekend is there's no Werkplaatsvlog on Saturday & Sunday.
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