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  1. There is one on Milweb from Marcus Glenn that needs a bit of tarting up for £7,500
  2. I agree, tap out some bar and attack with the wire wheel.
  3. The question is what colour should tecalemite grease nipples be on a wartime 25pdr? The colour of the vehicle? Red? Au natural?
  4. A selection of rough sawn packing crates for the connoisseur. All in plain wood with the fir tree mark for treated timber. SIZES- Five at 28.75" length x 20" wide x 12.75 deep One at 25.25" length x 18.5" wide x 12.75" deep £120 buyer collects from Chorley, Lancashire
  5. That's the easy bit done....now for the long slog of a proper restoration
  6. Hi Bob Are the take outs you've got seized or are they free? Have you tried to start them if they are not stuck ? Thanks WW
  7. WANTED-SEXTON MANUAL OPERATOR'S AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL, DECEMBER 1944 or Others Please let me know what you've got.
  8. Is it something like TC Lead? Is it off say an American quad 50 cal. or a Canadian quad polsten?
  9. I've just emailed the owner the details, Thank you for that
  10. Here is one for the small engine enthusiast(s) on the site. I've been sent two pictures of what once was an engine manufactured for military use. However, there are not data plates or anything so what is it? More pictures may follow As Toyah might have said "It's Mystery!"
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