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New WW1 movies

Great War truck

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Tim, the photo in CMV shows a pair of really bad out of scale so called replicas. I think that they have used solid tyres of a Centurion or something like that. Too small diameter wheel with skinny tyres. The wheel track width looks to be right out of scale to me.


regards Rick.





What new WW1 movies are being made at the moment? I see CMV shows a photo of the two replica trucks used in Flyboys being painted grey as German vehicles. Is All Quiet on the Western Front up for another remake?





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Yes that is the same ones.


The reason I ask is that we have been approached to do another WW1 movie. We can not spend the time and of course having spoken to several friends who have done film work and hearing how the vehicles have been treated we do not trust leaving our trucks with anyone else.


That means that films have to use replicas which vary in appearance from the OK to the awful. Just watched Warhorse again last night and thought that their Dennis looked ok while some of the others were a little mediocre.


The AEC looks very nice indeed. I do hope that washes off easily.

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The Flyboy trucks appeared in the Queen's parade in London a few years back. They did have solid 'Tank' wheels, I think they were on a Transit running gear. I may photos of them somewhere.



Bedford TK chassis and running gear ;-)

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