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New Regulations for deactivation of weapons


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Henry Krank Company have posted on their website the following statement :


'From March 1st 2016 the UK Law specifying how guns are deactivated will change. Currently deactivated guns have moving parts, after March 1st 2016 all guns that are deactivated will have no moving parts at all and will be welded solid. This is your last chance to buy a deactivated gun with moving parts, after March 1st 2016 you will be able to keep your deactivated gun but you will no longer be able to buy them.'


Is this correct?

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This is yet another reason to get out of the EU they are strangling us with all this bull****, this new law will not stop people who want to acquire weapons for unlawful purposes, plus its probably easy to get a fully working weapon than mess about with a 70+ year old weapon to make it fire again.

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If a major militaria dealer is saying it I would think there may be some truth in it to be honest, although I just posted a heads up of this on a FB deactivated guns site and excuse the pun was shot down in flames saying, get this "it hasn't happened yet" ! Eh No it hasn't but it isn't March 2016 yet either ! We need to be vigilant because it will be too late to take it seriously AFTER it's happened. Some people still believe in the tooth fairy but I tend to think there is no smoke without fire. We are heading down a very dangerous road for our hobby and shooting in general.

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This a statement from the National Rifle Assocation on this subject


Please read




EU Directive on Firearms Control - Have Your Say


I would urge all NRA members to register your concerns and provide feedback to the European Commission on their proposals for further firearms control - follow

The key points you may wish to register include:-

Restrictions on semi-automatic rifles

In the UK .22 rim-fire rifles and semi-automatic shotguns are used by tens of thousands of shooters for target shooting and essential pest control. Large calibre semi-automatic rifles are already prohibited in the UK; there is no rational benefit to public safety from prohibiting small calibre rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. The proposals to ban "semi-automatic firearms for civilian use which resemble weapons with automatic mechanisms" is illogical - a great deal of confusion will result by attempting to legislate against form rather than function.

Distracting Scarce Law Enforcement Resources

There is virtually no link between legally held firearms and those used with illegal / evil intent. The EU proposals threaten diverting scarce law enforcement resources away from the real risk areas to harassing hundreds of thousands of law abiding shooters, collectors and traders across the EU from their safe and responsible activities.

The proposals include greater restrictions on Firearms Collectors - collecting firearms is a passion enjoyed by many and there is no published evidence that demonstrates the need for greater restrictions - it is iniquitous to legislate merely on the possibility that collecting might cause a problem; and a ban on possession of deactivated fully automatic firearms by other than authorised museums - it is estimated that 230,000 firearms have been deactivated in the UK since 1988; they are non-functional and non-lethal and thus unlicensed - to confiscate them would demand substantial police resources and lead to substantial compensation claims payable by the British Government.

There are additional unnecessary proposals for Firearms Certificates to be limited to a maximum five years duration (rather than a more sensible ten); sound moderators to be controlled as an "essential component" (moderators are widely used in stalking and vermin control and restrictions on them should be relaxed, not increased); registration of deactivated firearms (harmless items, the numbers and locations of which are unknown); and ban / restriction of disguised firearms (mainly Victorian walking stick shotguns, for which there is no record of criminal misuse).




Andrew Mercer

Group Chief Executive & Secretary General



Updated: 16-Dec-15 (Original posting: 15-Dec-15)



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This makes no sense, it goes on about records and collectors etc. Who will be the responsible body monitoring and recording this? Who is going to pay! Where is the compensation? What a load of crap. Oh and of course all the criminals will be disappointed now.

The cost of this is surely going to be picked up either by taxpayers or by fees levied against the same collectors whose necks are going to be squeezed. The regulators and bureaucrats don't give a rat's ass about the irrationality of their regulations -- all they want is a PR campaign where they can claim they "removed terrorists' access to weapons." Might as well ban cell phones, since terrorists are using them to communicate.


What they should do is create a waiver program whereby if you are a collector, you can apply for a license, pass a background check and own whatever suits your fancy.


If you guys are forced to give up deacs or if they are ruled to be no longer sellable, you should form a coalition, hire an attorney, and sue the government for compensation for taking your property or stripping it of value. I am all for protecting the public and pulling out terrorists' teeth with pliers before dispatching them to Allah with a bullet in their heads, but hurting collectors (who are generally among the most patriotic citizens) with useless and senseless regulation is an absurd and ironic travesty.

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