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  1. Just read this entire thread. Impressive work and commitment. Hope to see final product tearing up the fields!
  2. I thought I read all the posts on Fox's but just discovered this one! I am going to drive mine very carefully, pretending it's a cement truck and my beloved dog is jogging behind, tied to the bumper.
  3. I know of one that was for sale in Florida, USA about 3 months ago. I can put you in touch with them. I think it was cheap, probably under 5 thousand USD.
  4. Is it installed in a turret? And does it fit the GPMG mount?
  5. I finally got a photo of the fuel tap. Can anyone can tell me which position is main and reserve? "Off" is embossed on the floor panel on left side of the screen, but I do not know which side of the pointer is the operative one; the long side (pointing toward top of the screen) has a hole in it, the shorter side does not.
  6. Unfortunately, few military themed museums can survive these days... several are closing or already have closed in USA.
  7. Mark, Impressive collection! Is the Russian armor (BRDM and BTR) operational? How difficult was it to import it?
  8. Terry, I presume what's sold in UK is actually US based product. There are a couple vendors: A&K Matrix M240B: $499 on sale at http://www.evike.com/products/50809/ This seems to have a 25% coupon code during cyber week, but I have not tried to see if it works. Golden Eagle M240B: $530 on sale at http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/11157-golden-eagle-m240-airsoft-aeg-support-medium-machine-lmg-gun-g3-6668.aspx (this also has 25% off, coupon code is "25santa" and it works) Lancer Tactical M240B: $520 at http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=20616; their 25% black friday coupon does NOT work for this. I am thinking about buying one of these, my one big question is whether they fit into the GPMG mount. I am also not sure which model is best and most faithful reproduction, but the 25% coupons are very tempting and apparently expire soon. I'm sort of talking myself into pulling the trigger. Would be interested in people's opinion on any of them (sorry if I'm slightly detouring your inquiry).
  9. Neil, I agree with your conceptual analysis, however the big difference is the risk/probability of needing coverage. On a regular vehicle, you drive 12,000 miles a year (for sake of example) and the insurance company knows that, on average, you will have an accident once per (pick a number) 120,000 miles. Bottom line, the risk of triggering an insured claim -- an accident -- is very low. Our vehicles, however, break down A LOT! Someone once quipped that the average drive between breakdowns on a Saracen is 20 miles (I might concur). So the chance of breaking down is vastly greater in a 30-60 year old military vehicle than the chance of having an accident in your daily driver. I just don't see how you can stay in business covering recovery for military vehicles, unless you charge an astronomical yearly rate. That's my 2 cents.
  10. Why would the Kigas system cause connecting rods to damage the block? I thought Kigas system was used to help start the engine when it is cold.
  11. Very cool armada, James. Did ATF make you cut up the breech and barrel to import them? As far as the nitrogen charging system, are you selling the whole kit made up or just certain components? How expensive is the entire setup?
  12. Sounds like it's entirely possible to have zero nitrogen in the accumulators after a year. What happens if you drive with no nitrogen -- is it bad for the vehicle? Is it unsafe? When I drove it last time, it did feel like the brakes were not effective, but it might be my imagination. I am slowly getting the bits for a nitrogen fill station. I purchased the zero loss chuck (below), which lets you thread it onto the schrader valve to avoid pressure loss. Once chuck is threaded onto accumulator, you turn the T-handle, which depresses the pin inside the schrader valve and lets you take a reading with a connected gauge. I am going to try to replicate the following setup:
  13. I have experienced (or maybe imagined, hence the post) some brake problems on my Saracen, and I am looking for some advice. It feels like the brakes are not working well and when I press the pedal, the stopping power is not very effective. Other times, I think it's just my imagination. I surmise the problem may be due to my Nitrogen accumulators, but the vehicle was fully serviced a year ago by Baz Blacklock, when the nitrogen was checked/filled. However, when I drive, I hear clicking noises from the driveline, even when going straight; Baz tells me it's a sign that the accumulators are low. I finally put together a nitrogen test gauge using a zero loss chuck that threads onto the schrader valve, and to my great consternation, when I affixed the gauge to the accumulator, the gauge reading did not register anything. I did the same with another accumulator and got same results. I am perplexed. Here is the video of my feeble efforts. Questions: 1. How often do accumulators need to be recharged? I have the later piston version (not bag version) 2. Is clicking sound while driving a symptom of low nitrogen in accumulators? 3. Is it possible to have zero PSI in the accumulators? I did test my gauge on a car tire and it registered 50 PSI, so I think the gauge is fine. The only other 2 possibilities is (a) there is zero PSI in accumulators or (b) the pin on my no loss chuck was not reaching the schrader valve tip (see video) 4. If my 2 accumulators that I tested are indeed at 0 PSI, does this mean I have a leak or is it normal to lose all Nitrogen in a year's time?
  14. I agree with Pavl 1000% -- if you break down, the recovery guys are sharks and they charge storage fees. If you have to hunt for cash and can't remove it immediately, you might never be able to catch the train. Best case, it will break down and will sit until you have the funds to fix it, worst case, you will forfeit it to storage/recovery fees. If you are still desperate to get something, look at various Withams auctions. I hate that company -- they are awful to deal with -- but they sometimes have beaters for sale and if you want a project, this may be a viable option.
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