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Unissued British Desert Boots-Soles disintegrating,crumbling-Anybody had this happen?

Scotch Harry

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Just dug out an unissued pair of the same type of Desert boots as in the above link,had for about 5 or 6 years stored away and was going to wear them for work. Noticed that the soles/heels felt very soft and springy-so much so that chunks are coming away and they are now fit only for the bin.


Had heard stories of similar problems with the first issue boots issued during Granby,hence the pics of troops wearing varied footwear and a lot of private purchase suede type boots.


Cannot remember when bought if the soles/heels were as soft,pliable or what would have caused this as they werent stored away anywhere cold,dark damp or anywhere in direct sunlight to be honest.


Hope this isnt a problem common with this type of boots as a few days prior to me trying mine on,sent a similar pair to a Spanish Ebayer and hope he doesnt have the same problems/issues with his boots.


Many Thanks

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This is also a common problem with the issue black leather combat assault boots,I have had three pairs and a pair of the goretex pro boots and all of them have eventually crumbled away on the soles,certainly much sooner than the life of the boots should have had.I,ve heard of lots therories for this including 5 year shelf life,bad batches from the manufacturer etc etc.Its a shame as the boots are comfortable and the leather uppers seem pretty strong.I enquired about resoling but it cost so much you are probably better of buying a pair of Lowas or such.


ps I have a pair of the old mk2 hi leg boots from 1984 and they are bombproof and still going strong.

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Not sure if Im right in thinking in that DMS boots were a throw away item in that the soles/heels etc cannot be replaced when worn out?


As for boots being cheap to re sole,not in my experience they havent which is a shame-cheaper to buy a new pair when the heels/soles wear out.

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I've had several pairs of these for daily use, as I like their looks and they are comfortable. I bought them new for around a tenner per pair at W&P, but the soles were completely worn after 6 months or so of daily use. I always thought the material was softer because they were made for use in sandy areas. I've kept them all and the uppers are in great shape, so I'll have to check to see how much they would charge for a re-sole.

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