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  1. Just had a look and it appears to be the original label.
  2. Recently picked up a smock combat camouflage windproof,more commonly known as the sas smock.These are getting hard to find now as opposed to the Arctic windproof version.The contract number on the label dates it to appx 2003 I think.What I found unusual ,was the white label,(similiar to desert issue dpm kit).I have never seen one on any item of dpm kit,bar the old 1960 pattern clothing.
  3. Thanks to all for input on this.I must say if it was,nt for the label I would never know this was a private purchase,its a damn good copy and identical to my issue Compton and webb one in every way.
  4. Hi Prof, Thanks for the info,re Silvermans.I have a pair of the old 1970,s dms the type worn with putties and a pair of the later 80,s boots combat high,old and dated but still going strong, bit like me .lol. Regards Steve.
  5. Just acquired another windproof arctic smock,this is identical to another I have even down to the ykk zipper etc,my other one is labelled to cookson and clegg,this one however is cwcw ltd,which I allways understood to be silvermans made kit.But this one has a uk contract number beneath the name cwcw,I think starting with an s but sadly faded.My question is ,was there a cwcw ltd who were contracted to the m.o.d.,as it seems odd a silvermans one would have a contract number.
  6. Recently acquired , nice pair of olive green x over belt trousers,as issued in the 1960,s early 70,s for jungle deployment or warm weather (Cyprus etc). These are in really good nic, and good size 34 waist and 32 leg.Been after a pair for ages, they are getting scarce now,so good addition to the collection
  7. That's a very nice smock,brilliant colours.Can,t help with the trf badge though,its an unusual one!
  8. I was tempted to get a Panzerfaust one ,(last time I looked he still had them in his ebay shop) but glad now I waited and this one popped up.:-)
  9. Aquired this Silvermans replica windproof smock,in a good size 5 and nicely faded used condition.I know they are not quite 100% identical to the originals but even so a nice copy and fills a gap in the collection,as unless I strike really lucky the cost of an original is way out of my league!
  10. This is also a common problem with the issue black leather combat assault boots,I have had three pairs and a pair of the goretex pro boots and all of them have eventually crumbled away on the soles,certainly much sooner than the life of the boots should have had.I,ve heard of lots therories for this including 5 year shelf life,bad batches from the manufacturer etc etc.Its a shame as the boots are comfortable and the leather uppers seem pretty strong.I enquired about resoling but it cost so much you are probably better of buying a pair of Lowas or such. ps I have a pair of the old mk2 hi leg boots from 1984 and they are bombproof and still going strong.
  11. Hi Frank,and welcome to the forum.Its some time since I posted this thread,and I must admit my collecting has fizzled out of late.I still have a size 4 dpm 60 pattern smock,(which I am holding on to),and much to my regret sold a couple of size 5 ones many moons ago.These smocks used to appear on e bay now and again,but seem to be getting rarer now.I obtained my size 4 on ebay for 20 pounds about 3 years ago,its well used but still in good nick,however it was,nt well listed by the seller otherwise I think it may have gone for a lot more,luckily for me! E bay seems the best bet,or military shows and believe it or not even boot fairs,I got a good 60 pattern olive green size 5 from a local boot fair for £3.50.Its very much a waiting game,but they do turn up,often when you least expect!.It all depends on what you are prepared to pay as they generally go for high prices, unless as I say you get lucky.So good luck.
  12. NSN 8404! I should have typed 8405.:blush:
  13. Very nice example of a Para smock you have there. I would say probably early to mid eighties due to nsn number beginning 8404,and metric sizing.Personally if it was me I would hang on to it,lol.
  14. I really must go to specsavers,lol.:blush:
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