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Hello all.

Jim S

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I'm Jim.


I am in the middle of helping a friend rewire his Bedford MW. We are progressing well with him on the mechanical/rebuild side and me with the electrics. (I think I have the easier task). But he will be proud of it when finished.


We have a query with the diff lamp wiring but I will create a post in the vehicles area with details.


Best wishes all, Jim.

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Thank you Tony.

I'm afraid I am already hooked. There are on my drive my three grey fergies, a standard width, a narrow and a vineyard!! All TVO. In the garage is my MGBGT so the poor family Volvo is parked on the road at the moment.

Oh, I almost forgot, there are two series 3 landrovers in a shed awaiting attention!!!


Oh dear, what are we all like???



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Sounds quite normal to me Jim :) I have had to rent a large grain shed for my increasing collection, when I first moved into my current home I had never had so much room, loads of sheds and land. It soon got filled so I put up three sheds and a garage with a loft, they were soon filled and now I have run out of space in the grain store :undecided:

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