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CCkw chassis number - confused!


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At last the transport company has managed to deliver my CCKW crane - a big "well done" to them & my thanks to Airborne Garage for storing it for me for so long!


I am trying to date it but the chassis number does not seem to conform. CCKW 352 4599. It is a closed cab, split axles & a winch.


Anyone got any ideas?

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First, is that off a plate, or off the chassis itself?


Somewhere I have the GMC ORD 7-8-9 which tells you what suffixes to the chassis numbers indicate, but I recall chassis built as chassis / cabs for specialist bodies didn't have much. I think there still should be an axle type identifier on the end of the number though.


Thorough scraping of chassis to start, followed by access to someone with an ORD 7-8-9 to hand.

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Hmmm, i don't want to sound paranoid but the rectangular outline round the number looks like a possible graft from another vehicle? Why i dunno. Or a plate welded on and restamped....

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Jon - I think that might just be a result of the number area being masked up during a chassis repaint - note the crazed paint surrounding the area.


I agree with NOS, that number looks fine to me....think about it who who "ring" a CCKW........lol.

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I'm no expert but have just started to read the book cckw in us service, from your chassis number I would say it looks like it would be built in late 1940, the reason I would say for not having a suffix I recon to be in the period when they had just dropped the X from cckwx and as the new order haddent coming into force where they realised they would beable to get enough split axel,they wouldn't of needed the suffix to denote axel type.

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Hi Reo24,

A little bit off topic but certainly related to your restoration. Back in 2007 I picked up the remains of an early closed cab CCKW that was to be used as spares for my Dad's CCKW resto. Unusually it had beams fitted to the rear axles in lieu of springs. The beams looked factory made and I always wondered if this was for a Crane truck??????? Yourself or other learned scholars here may finally be able answer this small mystery. Mandatory happy snaps attached. Cheers John W.




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Up to chassis 13187 (approx) all GMC trucks were CCKWX, 353 short and long chassis, it was after this the SWB changed to 352, the other point, is the chassis number was stamped in the frame forward of the axle.

I once owned 9991 chassis, stamped forward of the axle and was a 353.

Out of interest, is the nomemclare plate still in the cab?


Good Luck



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More photos of the chassis could help determine if the frame is stamped correctly or if there are donor parts.


If its stamped 352 then I would expect to see a body and axle stamping after the SN. I'll have to check my TMs at home


'Shopnut' posted about SN 9991 and I found this on another site: "I have a CCKWX serial no' 9991-A1, your truck should have the blackout on the grill and have a civilian instrument panel. As to when built, I think late 1940 or early 1941, perhaps someone else on here could verify that."


The dates sound right from another web site "CCKWX 353 5XXX A1 - so it should be a early January 1941 truck,"


Note -A1 is the body/axle config and both posts were able to state A1 (split axle, cargo body).


So either keep sanding or possibly its a repaired part.


TM10-1105 is the TM you are looking for. Portrayal press has it.

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