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  1. Could anyone help with information on the 85mm gun fitted to the T34, looking to find how the loading-unloading mechanism works, any help would be appreciated, even English printed manuals. Thanks in advance.
  2. Would there be a difference between 'Mks' of Dingo regarding the plates that attach to the lower side of the chassis? Thanks in advance Rob
  3. Thanks for reply, live at Haverhill, work near Cambridge, would not need until W/B 4th April, could it be borrowed and photo copy relevant sections? Rob
  4. Up to chassis 13187 (approx) all GMC trucks were CCKWX, 353 short and long chassis, it was after this the SWB changed to 352, the other point, is the chassis number was stamped in the frame forward of the axle. I once owned 9991 chassis, stamped forward of the axle and was a 353. Out of interest, is the nomemclare plate still in the cab? Good Luck Rob
  5. I have been tasked with removing a front hub from a Dingo, its thought the hub seal is leaking as brake linings are oil contaminated, but I have no access to a workshop manual, would any members be able to give some guidance? Thanks in Advance. Rob.
  6. Peter Also worth checking that the lamp unit has a good earth connection, have been caught out by this in the past.
  7. It was a long while ago now since I posted this, I did look one year at W & P Show, a brake servo which I think was for a Ferret, it was on a dealers stand, NOS, and thought that could fit a CCKW, but after taking advice, was told it probaly would not suitable, although since then I did wonder if this was correct, has anyone out there fitted a Ferret servo to a CCKW?, or even tried and found for whatever reasons it was a no go?
  8. Ian Have you checked the brake fluid level in the master cylinder?, if not suggest you start here, if the level is low and you can see no apparent leak, as Howard states the fault could be with the servo. Good Luck
  9. Yes I agree, this site seems to be very quiet nowadays, I use FB, perhaps one reason that its a lot easier to use and load pictures, my interest in the GMC CCKW there are a lot of good pictures being posted on there. Just my opinion.
  10. Hello All. We are in the process of removing the continuous rubber tracks from a Cletrac, but uncertain of how to remove them, the question is, has anyone out removed tracks from a Cletrac and be prepared to offer advice or know of a technical manual which covers this operation, not the maintenance manual, which is just a basic operators manual. Please pm if you can help. Thanks in advance.
  11. Yes would be great to go, not been in the last 5 years, would like to share a lift. Shopnut.
  12. Have now loaded the picture, at last!!, the truck the metal posts are on has just come from Holland.
  13. Thanks, will try again and upload a picture, it becomes very clear then, I am fairly certain the metal posts are from the M35 series of trucks, if they are, there could be a set for sale.
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