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  1. Hi, I've paid my deposit to take our gmc tipper, think it will be it's first trip to France since it was de-mobed, will also be our first mvt tour, we went for the 70th but as a bystander.
  2. Had a realy great time for my first A and E loved crewing with Mike on the ward, towing the high speed tractor even if I did feel deff at the end of the day. Thanks to Jack and the team and to warrgaming.net will gets more pictures uploaded next week after our event this weekend.
  3. Sound like a fun packed weekend, looking forward to it.
  4. I'm no expert but have just started to read the book cckw in us service, from your chassis number I would say it looks like it would be built in late 1940, the reason I would say for not having a suffix I recon to be in the period when they had just dropped the X from cckwx and as the new order haddent coming into force where they realised they would beable to get enough split axel,they wouldn't of needed the suffix to denote axel type.
  5. Hi Jack I would be interested with my cckw 353 dump truck With 4 people. Live on the isle of wight so not to far to drive. Cheers mark flynn
  6. we are looking for new displays, vehicles, reinactor, dioramas etc to enhance our show, not just millitary also landarmy, home front, AFS or anything that will improve our 1940s show. I will try and poat a press release for this year when i get it, for more info please contact liz tagart 0198882204 liz.tagart@iwsteamrailway.co.uk http://www.iwight.com/just_visiting/events/majorevents/review.aspx?eventId=49
  7. Hi The dates for next year will be the 3rd and 4th of July Mark:-D
  8. Cheers There was a plan for the site but it always seem to go wrong!! as for the post war section most of these have been coming for years before wae rebranded the show so we cant realy kick them out,just keep them to the back away from the main part of the show, Then you get the local mv group members who just turn up anway with more post war vehicles you dont need, and some mvt members who just want to line up vehicles!!! We could do with a british reinactment group though:)
  9. If you went to this show, please let us know your thoughts, what was good and what was not so good or what you would like to see at next years show. your feed back is important as we wish to improve this show.
  10. The photos are great, If any one would like to go next year please contact me as i organise the vehicle entrys, great pic of last year as well
  11. I live on the Isle of wight and own a 1956 series 1 landy, would love to own a Gmc. Im also one of the organiser of the 1940s Experiance
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