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  1. Hmmm, i don't want to sound paranoid but the rectangular outline round the number looks like a possible graft from another vehicle? Why i dunno. Or a plate welded on and restamped....
  2. My spidersense is tingling... as with all the others.. WALK AWAY!!! Its not worth it. There will be other, better, more complete jeeps. Your question about would someone try to palm off a hotchkiss (in this example) for a MB/GPW (even though its come from the US)... yes!
  3. Wow, great! Quality ice cream scoops I see!! :cheesy:
  4. Thanks Clive - be interested on the durability comment, even in a new thread. PM sent. Jon
  5. Clive, Who's paint did you use? I like the colour. Jon
  6. I know what you mean regarding lack of info on shop vans, my ears always prick up when I find reference to a new one on the web. Vulture's blog has gone some way to addressing this. Sure, more than happy to post pictures of the truck. There is a good external photo on Ken's flickr page (Ken - hope you don't mind me linking): Here's a few internal shots: And the elusive evanair heater - hence my question: If there is anything specific you want a close photo of, just ask, otherwise I'll dribble various pics on here. Look forward to seeing t
  7. Great looking truck Jim and I'm really impressed with the progress you made. I'm want to respray mine but have never undertaken any restoration work before so its still in the research phase. I dread to think what the rust situation (if any) is on the inside of my shopbody. Anyway, although you said the rear was empty, I don't suppose you've got the evanair heater thingy on the front wall? I'm in saffron walden (Essex) with a closed cab shopvan like yours. Look forward to seeing your progress Jon
  8. I think there'll be many vehicles, not registered correctly in the DVLA database. All US vehicles that were imported during the war that are subsequently registered with the DVLA to use on the road today, may be allocated an age-related number. Clubs like the MVT provide a verification service so that the vehicle can be dated as accurately as possible based on the chassis number and available information in order to obtain an age related number. Vehicles can be registered with the DVLA through various routes and it only takes a date like 1939 on some import paperwork from an EU country a
  9. This is great. I can browse shop van pics to my hearts content :cool2:
  10. But why? Why would you want to? A CJ would make a nice base project for a, err, CJ? I can think of umpteen CJ projects which would look really cool - Santini Air finish (airwolf), Arizona State Police (with light bars) to name a couple. To convert it into a Willys MB just because.. nope, don't go there!
  11. Just to add my 353 turns over slowly on 6V.. its what I expect. I must admit it does turn over fairly consistently though. I pull the drive button out about 1/2" (as per the TM starting instructions). What is the capacity of your 6V battery? Larger capacity will allow you to crank for longer? I used to have starting troubles but since I got a larger capacity battery and pull out the drive button she (touch wood) starts more or less after 3-6 seconds... the TM also talks about cranking up to around 20 seconds before taking your foot off the starter button. Btw I am starting fro
  12. For a jimmy your going to be pumping forever with laser oil pumps and syringes. Go the whole hog and buy 25ltr containers with a humoungous oil transfer pump. This is what I use for the GMC and also the jeep: http://www.lubetechshop.co.uk/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=GL4&osCsid=q22ep60ir56n5nbeqh1bgcrop6&search.x=0&search.y=0 http://www.lubetechshop.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=65&products_id=202 For the sake of £38 its not worth messing around with anything smaller... believe I changed three diffs on the truck very quickly... I have the small laser oil p
  13. Hi Ian, I had/have similar issues... I'm unable to confirm the radiator level by looking in the rad cap so I top up 'just in case'. Then I find the rad vents the excess water after my journey. I am gradually coming to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong and the water is just finding its own level... the fact being that its own level is just below where I am able to confirm visually. I've tried sticking my finger in, shining a torch in and doing all of the above whilst rocking the truck, just in case its sloshing about just out of sight. I've recently replaced the coolant
  14. Hi, am looking for secure covered storage for a GMC CCKW, Saffron Walden area (CB11). Does anyone have any available, or know someone who might have something? 01799 501942 Thanks in advance Jon
  15. Sorry to hijack the thread, but what's a good price for a US wartime one?!? Jon
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