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On the 12th of June we were invited to pop up and see a friend of a friend who was a Sherman command tank driver during the second world war reunited with a sherman for the first time in 70+ years, Arthur thoroughly enjoyed himself so thank you to everyone involved and here are a few pics from the weekend.


















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I missed last year so the last time I went was the national show 2 years ago so numbers were definately down compared to that but there seemed to be a good number and a good range of vehicles to me.



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Looked like a great show. Shame my work commitments stop me from going to these shows. Have just bought a Mk1 ferret with the view to restore it to it's original unit markings from when it joined service. Will be making time to do this and when finished hope to take it to some shows. Heard that the W&P was it's final year or is someone going to keep it going as the revenue it makes must be phenomenal. It's also a part of life for all the collectors and re-enactors, hope it continues.



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Hi Rick,

Out of interest how many vehicles attended W@W this year approx.

Apart from armour did there seem any increase in attendance ?

It was difficult to say as the layout was different, there were the same amount if not a few more there this year. We were going to go up for the weekend but sprogs with the weather forecast made us change plans so only went up Saturday. Public attendance was low not surprising considering it rained all day and a couple of stallholders didnt turn up but the traders I spoke to said that they had done OK. Mainly a lot of light/mediums.

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