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  1. Yes I had thank you MatchFuzee, brought a cd off ebay which hasn't arrived yet but got measurements from Gary's halftrack spares, thanks anyway :embarrassed: Steve
  2. Looks fantastic, hope you enjoy driving it around soon
  3. Excellent update again, great to see everything coming together and the use of new technology to make 100 year old parts :-\
  4. Does anyone have a pdf copy of the TM9-1711 Rebuild manual for the White 160 AX engine we may have an issue with the bottom end and could do with the dimensions. Cheers Steve
  5. Hello everyone if anyone is interested in bringing their WW2 or older Military Vehicles along to the Shuttleworth Colection, near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire for either their Fly Navy airshow on the 4th of June or the Military Pageant on the 2nd of July could you please contact either myself or the organisers directly at events@shuttleworth.org. We have a few vehicles and Re-enactors already booked in but they have left it a bit late this year to ask me to put this up. In the past several members from here have come along and you guys have really made a fantastic display for the public and it has been really appreciated. The Fly Navy show line up is looking impressive with visiting aircraft such as; Sea Vixen, Seafire 3, Catalina, Westland Wasp (Terry Martin), Westland Wasp, Gazelle, Hawker Nimrod (Historic Aircraft Collection), Hawker Nimrod (The Fighter Collection), Chipmunk, Morane MS317, T6 Texan, Fairey Swordfish, Bristol Scout, Dragon Rapide, Avro 504K Replica, Grumman Wildcat, Grumman Bearcat, Goodyear Corsair, Skyraider, Hawker Fury MK11. and last years show was a highlight of the calendar for many people. The Military Pageant should see the return of the Bristol Blenheim and other visiting aircraft such as Sally B (B17), Westland Scout, Sioux, Chipmunk, Auster AOP 9, Auster AOP 6, Auster T7, Beaver. More details of the airshows available at http://www.shuttleworth.org/whats-on/ Hope to hear from you soon. Steve Panter
  6. As a 54 owner I ask what is this "wet weather" you speak of? Is that when I turn the heater on? :-D Steve Oh and congratulations on a great choice of vehicle
  7. Please post as many pictures as you can, I can't make it down to the show but having seen 6 WW1 trucks together at our shows I look forward to seeing shots of 10+ trucks together. Cheers Steve
  8. Now there's an idea, that would be entertaining
  9. We got there yesterday to find the gates open and no queues at twenty past nine, big gaps in the vehicle displays but the stewards were happy and relaxed, the military camping fields looked more like the sunday of the show due to the gaps and the re-enactor field hade the usual gaps where groups hadn't turned up. There was noticeably less armour and there was a distinct change of pace due to the lack of public, which made the stalls so much easier I just hope more people come through the gate today and tomorrow to pay the pitch rent for the traders. I'm not sure why but there were loads of out of date posters advertising the dances for 2015 and 2014 around the grandstand and all of the WW1 trench experience and displays were missing as was the statue behind the grandstand. I hope the new owners realise people are unsure of the show and they may have to scale things down a bit to let it grow again until people are satisfied it's worth coming to again. I enjoyed it, caught up with good friends and got the parts I needed but I feel more than two days would be very samey and not quite as fun as it has been Steve
  10. I'm heading over there Thursday as a day trip, instead of 8 days as we're used to, with some family it's been less and less fun each year for a while so hoping a change will restore some of my enthusiasm for the show, will post pictures of what I see when I get back. Steve
  11. Here are a few pictures from the Shuttleworth Collection's 1940's day, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the flying or dancing but these are some of the vehicles and re-enactors who came along, thanks for all of you who attended Steve
  12. Welcome in and remember there are no silly questions, people may laugh with you but this place is friendly enough that someone will always be able to help. Steve
  13. Here are a few timings for the show, there are still spaces if anyone wants to turn up 10.00 – Gates open 11.00-13.00 – Flying subject to conditions 11.00-16.00 – Pop up Vintage Beauty Parlour: Sarah Dunn’s Doo Wop Dos 12.00 – Swiss Garden tour (free) 13.00-13.30 - Jive Swing Dancers (main performance) 14.15-14.30 – Shuttleworth Re-enactors Parade 14.45-15.15 – Jive Swing (learn to dance session) 15.00 – Swiss Garden tour (free) 15.00-18.00 – Flying subject to conditions, may continue later if favourable for the Edwardian machines 15.15-16.00 – Hangar dance live music with Polka Dot Dolls 16.15-16.30 – Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq (performance) 16.45-17.00 – Jive Swing (get up and dance session) 17.00-17.45 – Hangar dance live music with Polka Dot Dolls 17.50-18.00 – ‘The Kings Speech’ (performance) 18:00 - Flypast from BBMF Spitfire For more details please contact myself or the organisers directly at rachel.bundy@shuttleworth.org
  14. Hi Gas 44 the previous times I've asked for vehicles to come and display, the organisers have asked for pictures to run past me to confirm they are what they want as they were new to the job role and had very little experience of correct period vehicles and also so they could put pictures in the show programme of the vehicles. A friend ended up with a large picture of his WLC in the programme last time around, could you ask the other members of your group (obviously yourself included) if they'd like to display for us and hopefully you'll all see how friendly we actually are. Regards Steve
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