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  1. Yes I had thank you MatchFuzee, brought a cd off ebay which hasn't arrived yet but got measurements from Gary's halftrack spares, thanks anyway :embarrassed: Steve
  2. Excellent update again, great to see everything coming together and the use of new technology to make 100 year old parts :-\
  3. Does anyone have a pdf copy of the TM9-1711 Rebuild manual for the White 160 AX engine we may have an issue with the bottom end and could do with the dimensions. Cheers Steve
  4. I'm really looking forward to getting all of these lined up as it is going to be fantastic and there will be a parade of as many of the vehicles as we can before the flying starts, tickets really are selling well and I doubt if there will be many available on the day so if you want to see this amazing gathering please book. http://Www.shuttleworth.org/militaryww1/ Steve
  5. Strictly speaking it's early 20's but I still count it although we tend to only use it on the Hind and Demon now as with the idle times of the WW1 types the hucks can take too long to get out of the way. The tickets for the show are selling rediculously fast now and if anyone who isn't a member of the SVAS (the volunteer association) wants to get a ticket I stongly advise buying in advance to guarantee entry, it's cheaper in advance too. SVAS members will be able to buy tickets in advance with their valid membership card on the day at £18. Steve
  6. Don't forget the Tate & Lyle McCurd and the Collection's Crossley to add to the list, really looking forward to this I'll be on site from about half 7 sorting out how we can display this amazing event, hoping to put the Sopwith Camel in your midst. Thank you for all the sorting out you have done Steve
  7. Glad to hear you've woken her up with no problems after a winter sleep, started the ambulance for the first time since new years last friday and it behaved beautifully I think they are starting to look forward to the season again
  8. Amazing piece of history, it was good to see the trailer and fuselage at the weekend, one of the collection's volunteers was digging through the archive of Clayton and Shuttleworth drawings and has found some general arrangement and detail pictures for an aircraft recovery trailer. Sorry we hadn't found them earlier to assist you with the build of yours, but there are plans a foot to fully catalogue what we have and see about making them available as they are now our property. Steve
  9. I had a couple of empty night shifts a few years ago and had a dig on the Internet about TEL in fuel in the 40's and essentially it was added from the 20's on in increasing quantities until a few refineries had 'incidents' with workers succumbing to lead poisoning and doing some not very nice acts and the congress ordered the levels to be reduced. The levels didn't seem to increase again until the early 50's until unleaded was introduced in the late 70's onwards. At the airfield I volunteer at we used to run the ferguson tractor and a model T on 100LL due to it being the fuel to hand and it
  10. Fantastic pictures Tom what an amazing opportunity you had to deliver the wreaths and the combination looks really perfect. Well done. Steve
  11. We were at the back with the two halftracks, there were certainly less big vehicles taking part but it was a fair turnout and we did get a very close view of the sherman, stuart and hellcat playing in the arena
  12. Last year at WPR we took the halftrack in on every occasion we could even putting magnetic red crosses on the sides for the ambulance slot and escorted it with the WC54, this year we dug out the plywood armour for the jeep and took it in the arena for the wheeled armour once. I didn't like the fact that the public had to look past the vehicles driving through the arena to see us and the traffic stuck behind the zoo bus (which really needed pull in spaces) meant it all took too long. We've always tried to get to the arena each year but this year we sadly didn't seem to have the intrest after t
  13. Fantastic work, I wish I had even a small percentage of the knowledge you have on how to rebuild a vehicle this perfectly Steve
  14. Glad to see you got some pieces out of the auction, sadly I missed yourselves on Saturday when you popped into the collection but I have been shown photos by people who were amazed at how tidy your trucks were looking forward to August. Steve
  15. Glad to hear all went well and thankyou for the great pictures, I couldn't make it down but my brother and some friends were supporting/stalking the McCurd and said it was fantastic to see the line up on the sea front, look forward to seeing the vehicles later in the year.
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