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Fraudulant Seller - Mr Bob Green (Rob/Bill) - Loretto, TN, USA


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For Info Only.


I put a post on Milweb after 17pdr gun parts.


Mr Bob Green emailed me to say they were "breaking a 17pdr anti-tank gun" (really??? Why???) and had the parts I was interested in which could be mine shipped from the USA to the UK for $2400... he included photos of the gun in question.


Alarm bells immediately...


1) Who would break a perfectly good 17pdr

2) The parts I want are Breech Block, Firing Mechanism, Cleaning Rods, Bore Brush, Rammer and Recoil Guard... were not visible in any of the photos and he was unable to send me any more photos which included them

3) Felt sure I'd seen the pictures before somewhere

4) Price of $2400 including export licences and shipping to the UK



Anyways... long story short.


The 17pdr in question lives in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps museum... and is definitely not being broken up for parts or sold!


Mr Green's name and address appear on other vehicle forums where he's also tried selling people things in photos he's found online.


No doubt he will reappear as another name in another town... but if he does happen to contact you... best avoid.




Ps - He also goes under the name of Rob and Bill, and it appears has a telephone number you can call him on which is in PA, not TN.

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l to placed a advert for two front wings and was contacted by BOB GREEN when asked for pictures he said he had not got any pictures so l asked a good friend who lives in the states to contact him what he found out made me not to bother also was contacted by some one else offering two wings asked him to send pictures and a easy safe guard have never had any further e-mails from him all due to a advert on milweb

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Bob Green or not, this is a very common scam, whether it's parts or complete vehicles / equipment. See it on eBay all the time, where scammers steal genuine listings and re-post them.


One precaution you can take if you're unsure is ask for a photo with something with the date on in the photo, or something else that will make the image unique. If they're just using recycled photos they obviously won't be able to oblige.

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Milweb in particular does seem to be very prone to this sort of thing - whenever I put ads up on there I get a fair number of obviously fake responses. Thankfully they are mostly pretty easy to spot if you have your wits about you!

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I once advertised for an Enfield WD/CO left side toolbox and a guy came to my rescue and said he had everything I needed. I asked if the toolbox was the square one or the rare round one, now anyone who knows Enfields knows the WD/CO left tool boxes is the normal triangular one with the cut out for the brake rod. His response was " The Rare round one", well it was nice to see the guy was on the ball and honest!

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The last person who scammed me is now sitting in a nice room with a view for the next 30 mths

courtesy of H.M.P.S . or for our overseas friends "Prison"


And there's me going to try to sell you some 'Lucky Heather', but the consequences . . . . .!!! Lol

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I take a great deal of joy in leading these scammers on. Once I realize what they are up to, I figure that one of the most valuable things I can get at is their time on-line. So I lead them on, talk like a boffin who doesn't really know what he has/wants, delay heaps and ride them for as long as I can.

The best fun is when I come clean, tell them I know they are scamming, and thank them for their time over the last X days and "it's been fun".:D:D



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