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  1. Ive been lucky enough to measure an original tool locker on a liner saw bench. So spent a day on fabricating a new one for my trailer.
  2. Managed to grab a few hours yesterday removing some of the additional bits of steel. Just trying to pull this back to an original generator chassis some before and after pictures.
  3. I’m sure there would have been an abundance of these trailers after the war that were adapted for various applications.
  4. I thought I would update this post with another images of another 5kv trailer chassis. This particular chassis originally was fitted out with a murex welder. Now I’m not sure if this was an original build or army modification?
  5. Little more progress from the weekend. So looking at the images of John C welder trailer restoration it seems there is an additional plate welded to the chassis to locate the front engine mount. Based of the images below I have the same alignment issues. So I planned to replicate by fitting the additional plate too. Doing this jacks the engine up meaning the fan won’t run concentrically in the radiator. in the end I removed the old engine plate and replaced with a slightly longer one. Complete with little helper!
  6. Help and advice required!! Firstly. Engine mounts are knackered. Anyone recognise what other pieces of equipment these would be used on to help me track a set down. Secondary. Now that I have transplanted the trailer back into the murex chassis, the exhaust system that was in the original trailer will no longer fit. I have found another silencer that might be better suited. It’s a lot shorter and will fit width wise across the back of the trailer. Anyone any pictures on how the exhaust system should be fitted? Before I start getting creative?
  7. Another full day fixing, don’t know where the time goes, All repairs now complete just read for stripping and taking to blasters.
  8. Ha. This trailer collection is boarding on being a problem!!! Apparently.. For the price it sold for I had to buy it. Complete with its original data plate which my complete murex is missing. Also the chassis currently under my first murex is 5KV generator type frame. To make into a WW2 murex frame it would take a substantial amount of work to adapt. My plans are to build one good WW2 spec trailer out of the two. I’ve spent a good day today cutting and grinding off all the clagged on bits of steel.
  9. Little bit of rain dodging yesterday. Started to get the engine canopy in place. I’ve been fortunate enough to measure up an original saw bench, so I have exact dimensions to replicate. The canopy I have needs some minor alteration to fit in the trailer frame
  10. Few hours today. Managed to get the second locker into paint and started to get it fitted back onto the trailer.
  11. Weekends progress. I had planned on repairing the old chassis frame. Just to awkward so on to plan B to fabricate another one from salvaged steel.
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