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  1. Hi Richard. Very lucky to find them. Just in the right place at the right time. They are steel construction, riveted together. Top and bottom are formed, galvanised finish. Ive added a few close-ups.
  2. It been a while. Thought I would post an update on the bowser progress. I’ve had a little luck turning up a few missing bits. Which has allowed me to complete the rear hose assembly.. The hose is nicely dated in 44 with the broad arrow. Nice surprise when I unraveled. The hose tales and 7/8 BSP nuts I had one original which has given me a patten to manufacture the rest. Little lockdown job.
  3. Hi Kevin, Many thanks for the comments, not many of these trailers left at all. To my count around 10 that i know of. I have two, debating whether or not to restore both or sell one on and let someone else have the enjoyment. Not sure we'll have to much of a show circuit this year, but hopefully next year the world will be in a better place..
  4. Thought I would post some trailer progress. Trailer stripped down to all the component parts, axle, hitch, split the springs. Started with sand blasting all the small components, the wheels, axle and chassis, sent to a local blasting company, Everything has been blasted, primed, and treated to three coats of top coat. Hitch treated to new bushes. Axles treated with new oil seals and new wheel bearings. Tyres re booted with two new Avon Tourist 600 x 16.
  5. Thought I would post a few pictures on progress. Started with some of the smaller components. Items stripped, sandblasted, repaired where necessary, Primed, assembled and top coated.
  6. Richard, Wally, The information is greatly appreciated, so i think the feeling is although the S.O.U.1 data plate is not original part of the trailer. it really should be re-attached as it forms later part of its military history. Is it likely that its rebuild was at Warminster or is this to difficult to prove?
  7. Hi Wally I'm not clear on what these means? What is the key card data base? Looking at the SOUL data plate i would say this is a later retro fitted item. Maybe not necessarily original to the trailer. Regards Richard
  8. Spent most of the day de-greasing, blasting and getting component parts in primer. That busy i forgot to take pictures. Help and advise needed please....... I had anticipated blasting the data plates. however I thought this may ruin the patina. Any one with experience cleaning old brass? (i don't want polished brass). what options do i have? Secondly,, anyone have any thoughts on how to repair the data tag? Finally, what does the tag SOUL CLASS 2RDY data tag mean? By the state of the holes drilled i assume this wasn't original to the trailer. but why was it added?
  9. Good progress today Second trailer dragged out, stripped ready for sand blasting.
  10. Few more updates with progress. Previous posts of the filter, The brass cone on the base of the filter i had unsuccessfully mount this with a metal adhesive, of which the results were very poor. I wasn't happy with the outcome so changed that methodology to silver solder, so yesterday i spent a few hours finishing all the components I had left to do. The silver solder is expensive but i think the result far out ways the cost. I have attached pictures below, hopefully the results speak for themselves There are few images thrown in of the original part I u
  11. It was a Welsh hill find and became very close to the gas axe an sent on a trip to china. Luck really that the owner thought maybe it could be worth something to someone... The rest is history......... Ive seen a few come and go over the last few years. and there are probably still more to find., they are certainly not as common as jeeps. And there are only a small hand full of restored examples (that I know about). 8 complete trailers to my count. 2 rolling chassis. Maybe anyone reading this post has one of these trailers restored or un-restored wou
  12. More progress today, I have been luck enough, to locate a second bowser last year, i purchased, collected and pushed to the back of the shed. All but forgotten about, until yesterday evening. I spent a few hours moving things around to pull to the front in readiness for the stripdown to begin.
  13. Hi Richard, I've striped the pump back down for you, Internal view attached, I have coated the internals with silicone grease just to try and preserve what is left of the leather seals. After 70 years it still pumps water.... Notice the imperfections on the brass casting, i thought this could have been caused by frost damage...... I have the same imperfection on all the pumps. This must have been a production issue that was never rectified during production. That issue is the same for both British and Canadian built units....
  14. When I purchased the pumps and finally collected I had a few moments of panic, the size of these is difficult to gauge off a picture. I though I had bought the wrong type (being Canadian), The panic was over when i offered the pump up to the bowser, all the mounting holes align perfectly. Picture below shows the pump against a jeep dynamo /starter motor. this will give you some idea of scale. Physically the Canadian and British pumps are the same size, however their are differences, These being End caps that screw onto the ends of
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