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  1. Thankyou - much appreciated. I like to know where the evidence for things has some from so will add that to my notes. Tim
  2. Excellent - thanks - that helps visualise how the firing circuit was connected also. The WW2 Canadian war diaries indicate their system used "Electric Detonator no 14" - which I assume must have been a very similar device. What publication and date is your extract from please and would I be able to reference it on my facebook page with or without the image? The Canadian smoke discharger is as seen on the top of this Sherman Firefly in April 1945. Many thanks Tim
  3. Reviving an old thread I am researching a WW2 Canadian Army smoke grenade launcher which launched the no 80 smoke grenade via an electrical discharge and igniter system. The ww2 device sounds very similar to this one for the Ferret - does anyone have any drawings or photos for the Ferret unit which shows how it works please? Thanks Tim
  4. I can imagine... perhaps "not-so-fast-install"... I had an MOT fail... broken pin on the hand-brake (which worked fine when I took it into the MOT station, but failed on the test)... the MOT station said "Simple fix", but unfortunately we dont have the part. Just down the road was nnnn... I stopped, told them what the issue was... though I didnt tell them I'd just come out of the MOT test at this point... they said they needed to put the car on the jacks, then pulled the wheels off... then left me waiting for 45 mins and then presented me with a bill for £650 (in 1992) for a whole string of stuff which made the car illegal to drive. They then told me they couldnt let me go back on the road without notifying the police. I then presented them with the MOT fail paper which had come from the garage 1/2 mile away and asked them who was wrong... them or the MOT test station, because clearly someone was and it was definitely a matter for the police... and that I would be grateful if they could call them immediately (no mobile phones back then) They scurried off... a manager appeared, who apologised profusely that their engineer had given me the wrong quote and that mine indeed should have just been for a pin... which they didnt have (!!!) and therefore couldnt help me... though had I spent £650 with them, somehow they would have had the pin. I took the car to another garage, they confirmed it was just a snapped pin... and didnt bother charging me for it. I made a formal written complaint to the national chain involved and got a response to say it was a "genuine mistake" on behalf of a trainee employee and they had taken measures to ensure it would not happen again. I have never been back - they are a bunch of crooks - and I will never ever recommend them to anyone - even after all these years. Likely this is the same chain you have had your experience with and they havent changed.
  5. All I have had a limited reprint made of my original Sherman V (M4A4) Crab 1 and 2 Service Instruction book, originally printed in June 1944. These are a 99% copy (small changes made to accommodate modern printing) and were scanned to high resolution. If anyone is interested in a copy, the costs are: Manual with amendments sheet @ £35 Shipping to UK @ £3.50 Shipping to Europe @ £9.50 Shipping to Rest of World @ £12.00 Shipping is in sturdy card envelope and will be sent signed, tracked and insured Please PM me if you are interested in a copy. Payment via Paypal please. Any proceeds will go to support my Firefly restoration project www.facebook.com/t289477 Cheers Tim Sample images attached... reprint on left... original on right...
  6. It is surprising what parts are still out there. I am constantly finding Firefly bits which I assumed would have become unobtainium by now. Tim
  7. Scale model bailey bridge kits (presumably for training) pop up for sale on ebay and g503 forum from time to time. Not sure if they have included the pontoon units, but perhaps worth consideration?
  8. There are electric HGV solutions available... prices for the engine and battery conversion start at 250k gbp. http://www.emoss.nl/en/electric-vehicles/ They will push a loaded HGV around at decent speeds. Tim
  9. Am looking for an example of the WS19 Control Box / Control Unit No12 to assist me with a restoration project. As per image below. Please let me know if you have one for sale - any condition considered. Cheers Tim
  10. Nice looking vehicle. I have mine marked to Phantom GHQ liaison Regiment... fitted with the Canadian WS9 radio Tim
  11. Pretty sure there is someone on the Maple Leaf Up forum at the moment asking for Photos of WSC in Canadian service. Not you by any chance? Tim
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