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  1. All I have had a limited reprint made of my original Sherman V (M4A4) Crab 1 and 2 Service Instruction book, originally printed in June 1944. These are a 99% copy (small changes made to accommodate modern printing) and were scanned to high resolution. If anyone is interested in a copy, the costs are: Manual with amendments sheet @ £35 Shipping to UK @ £3.50 Shipping to Europe @ £9.50 Shipping to Rest of World @ £12.00 Shipping is in sturdy card envelope and will be sent signed, tracked and insured Please PM me if you are interested in a copy. Payment via Paypal pleas
  2. It is surprising what parts are still out there. I am constantly finding Firefly bits which I assumed would have become unobtainium by now. Tim
  3. Scale model bailey bridge kits (presumably for training) pop up for sale on ebay and g503 forum from time to time. Not sure if they have included the pontoon units, but perhaps worth consideration?
  4. There are electric HGV solutions available... prices for the engine and battery conversion start at 250k gbp. http://www.emoss.nl/en/electric-vehicles/ They will push a loaded HGV around at decent speeds. Tim
  5. Am looking for an example of the WS19 Control Box / Control Unit No12 to assist me with a restoration project. As per image below. Please let me know if you have one for sale - any condition considered. Cheers Tim
  6. Nice looking vehicle. I have mine marked to Phantom GHQ liaison Regiment... fitted with the Canadian WS9 radio Tim
  7. Pretty sure there is someone on the Maple Leaf Up forum at the moment asking for Photos of WSC in Canadian service. Not you by any chance? Tim
  8. 6pdr Portee.... nice... and different. I guess next you'll be making a 6pdr?
  9. Danny Correct there are two tours The Dutch (Keep them Rolling?) one "Stichting operation Market Garden" which is open to any vehicle and any clothing styles. The LTF one which is recreating the British 30 corps - so is only open to vehicles which would have been used by 30 corps at the time... and for which the vehicle crews have made an effort to wear authentic uniform and have authentic equipment. If you want British vehicles etc... then the LTF tour is the one to follow.,, You need to look at their facebook page to find out where they are now and where they will
  10. Danny Take a look at the Liberation Task Force page on Facebook. Unfortunately I am not in the Netherlands to know what their timetable is for sure. Tim
  11. You need to look on the Groesbeek DZ/LZ on the edge of Nijmegen to find all the nice British vehicles - I think they arrived last night and are there for 2 days - best check the "Liberation Task Force" Facebook page for full details. EDIT - if you wait till Sunday 22nd it will be too late and they will have gone somewhere else - now is the time to go. Tim
  12. Used to be a Bedford QLR rear body in the hedge at a scrap yard (might have been a farm) in Scamblesby, Louth, Lincolnshire - it also had loads of Austin K2 wrecks in it. I found it just after I sold my QLR... but that was a good 17 years ago - so who knows now!
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