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  1. For a running engine that rocker shaft looks very dry. Might just be the video but is it getting an oil feed OK?
  2. Is this the update? Yes, many of these had a canopy that could be rigged around the door. Some also had tent like 'penthouses' that ran along one or both sides. If you look at this topic you'll see photos of one with the penthouse roof and door canopy erected: https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/29894-rubery-owen-brockhouse-2-ton/
  3. If the housing will be sealed with RTV, how likely is it that you'll get moisture build up in there? Could you use a DC motor commutator lubricant? Alternatively could you just put dessicant in there and change it occasionally?
  4. This seems likely. From my experience with Landrovers the tanks are black as original equipment, but often seem to turn green, at least in parts, due to overspray or overenthusiasm.
  5. I'd guess given this is a Taskers trailer it's probably a Taskers coupling rather than Scammell; they're slightly different but I think will interconnect.
  6. John, Good trousers: Poorer trousers: The colours appear a bit off, though perhaps it's just my computer; the good ones are a strong olive green, the others are more faded but not as much as they look to me in the photos. Hope this helps.
  7. Hello John, thanks. The trousers seem to go for about £50 - £75; as the good ones have a few spots of paint on I was thinking the bottom of that range, and £35 for the poorer pair. As to the jacket I'm not sure, prices seem to be so variable, so probably open to offers. Postage would be about £6 per item but might be a saving if posting items together. I'm afraid the jacket has no labels or information in at all, so I can't tell you the size. I recall it fitted my brother who is around 5'10" and about 38" - 40" chest, if that's a help. Sean
  8. Hello all, I have some surplus clothing which I was going to eBay, but just wanted to check here first in case anyone needed / wanted anything: WW2 RAF jacket, Group Captain insignia, all buttons present but wings and medal ribbons removed, some marks and wear, probably do with a dry clean. Trousers Combat 1960 pattern, good used / military surplus condition but a few odd (paint?) marks, approx. 32" - 34" waist Trousers Combat 1960 pattern, fair condition but look as though they've been used in the REME workshop , 31" - 33" waist. Hampshire Fire Brigade Nomex tunic, Le
  9. Thanks. I've just had a poke around online and it seems to be Lamp Electric No.1
  10. John, I'm sorry, I can't find that Tapley, it's obivously buried somewhere. Clive's figures suggest my memory may be faulty and it could be 30 mph, not 20 mph, which now I think about it sounds right.
  11. Clive, thanks; I'd assumed from the colour and style it must be that, and this thread from a lantern collectors' forum seems to confirm, though the one shown is Ever Ready while my one is unbranded: https://gmic.co.uk/topic/50278-british-police-lanterns/page/4/
  12. Spike was Eccles, though the Goons were post war, so interesting to see the name presumably wartime. Wonder if Spike got it from wartime usage. Allegedly it was 'Has anyone seen a gun?' to which Secombe supposedly replied 'What colour was it?' The right front view in the manual carries the name 'Lottie', so I assume the manual owner was involved with two of these while in the service.
  13. I've had these two lamps for a long time; both look to me as though they might be used hand held or on a belt or bicycle. Would like to know more about them, if anyone knows. The black one is stamped E II R so I would guess is '50s, possibly police; the two 'handles' will fold flat against the body of the lamp. The green one is olive drab (I think) and has a green filter inside the lens that can be rotated into place; the hood, half up in the photo, will come right down over the lens, and the handle will swing down behind the lamp. Both take the old flat bike lamp batteries.
  14. I have a Tapley still in the box; I think the instructions are in the lid. If I can find it I'll post them. I don't remember them as complex, though; from admittedly ancient memory, level it, release the lock drive at 20 mph and brake hard but progressively.
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