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Railroading GMCs


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Original Evans setup in Korea;usa6x.jpg


Original Evans setup at Ravenna on a Dodge COE; got a better version somewhere


Dodge one tons, again at Ravenna;



I'm putting together a copy of one of the one tons here in Scotland. Unfortunately very few of the original Evans Auto Railer setups have survived - I think the Grey Goose at the Alaska Railroad is one, so I've had to use 1960's Hy-Rail attachments from Fairmont, the company that Evans turned into.


Got one of these too;




a Nolan two ton single axle road / rail trailer.

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I recommend Fred Crismon's excellent US MILITARY WHEELED VEHICLES book on this subject. I think he must have got a file with every WW2 variant of the AutoRailer in it and featured them heavily.


As I understand it, the primary reason for procurement was for arsenal use within the USA ( the Dodge 1.5 ton and 1 ton trucks were at the Ravenna Arsenal ) to carry the nitroglycerine from the manufacturing plant to the sub-facilities where it was turned into more stable explosives. Nice smooth steel rails, I bet they were to a high standard with very few joints ....


In Korea and Alaska they were used for transport in areas where the railway links were in better condition than the roads.

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