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  1. I like this restoration and that you left it in the racing spec. Its post-war history and use for civilian purposes is visible. Another family member found.🙂 Regards Pawel
  2. Hi Ron, It is possible that it is a newer version of this part and is renamed to 1631? But maybe a mistake. In the gearbox drawing (page 30), the layshaft 2th gear and 3th gear numbers are mixed up. In the list on page 31 it is correct + WR numbers. I am enclosing the catalog pages with the corrected numbers. I also found a few other mistakes, but I don't remember quickly. One thing is sure, the F1630 number is not the serial frame number. Thanks Ron for the comments. Pawel
  3. Hello RoofRack, welcome to the club. The number under the seat of the F1630 is the part number, i.e. the front portion of the frame. F like frame. The engine parts are prefixed with E like engine. The 1939 parts catalog lists the F 1631. I think this is one of the many mistakes in this catalog. Both of my bikes have the number 1630 stamped on them. My one bike is from order C5108 and has the numbers TL15567 / 3S 28594 / TE8124 (normal ratio). The second is the TL17954 (order C 6128), engine 3S 28675 (order C5108), gearbox TE 32640 (wide ratio). We have motorbikes b
  4. Hi. I need F1804 instrumental panel, F1726 oil gauge, dash lamp DC44, switch ass. and ammeter (magdyno set) for my 3S deLuxe (like in photo). Does anyone have these parts for sale? Renovation work has slowed down a bit, but still ahead. Hope to present new photos soon. Lots of health for everyone. Pawel
  5. Thank for your answer Slaapstad, I do not know the use of the L I98 carburetor? I have not found this type anywhere? Regards Pawel
  6. Hi Ron, I got the handlebar and front brake stud ordered from Brian. Thanks for your help. Best wishes Pawel
  7. Hi, I have four complete Amal Ltd. carburettors: -275 / 145R (BIrmal) for Triumph 3S -276BL / 1A for Royal Enfield G. I want to apply it to my Triumph 3SW. It has an elongated body connection. - 276 / 014R from the Polish motorcycle Junak M07 350ccm from 1956-59 -L I98 - 1" (there's R014 stamp on the side?). Made of Mazak and covered with chrome. Do you know what type of motorcycle it was and in which motorcycle? I will be grateful for your help. Pawel
  8. Your also, the cover like new.
  9. Before that, I tried to cover the bodies with chrome. I tried a cracked carburetor for testing. During etching, it underwent further destruction and intercrystalline corrosion. When galvanizing, the bath is not so aggressive. Does not destroy the material. Regards
  10. Hi, thank you for the information and confirmation of my way of thinking. I also thought it was paint. As the Mazac body oxidizes, I covered it with copper and brass. Only then did I paint it with heat-resistant varnish and fired it at 220 degrees Celsius. It is resistant to gasoline. Maybe the color is not identical, but the nuances of the shades cannot be selected. The paint is English. The rest of small parts was covered with copper and polished zinc. Pawel
  11. Hi, How Amal carburettors were finish? I have the version in dull chrome plated and painted. Was it dependent on the military or civilian version? Or maybe it depended on the more expensive or cheaper model? Best regards
  12. Hi , Thanks for the information Richard. I know they were producing good quality products. I didn't know it was for Amal. This cast looks better than those cast at the Amal factory. Pawel
  13. Hi, decided to fix the old fork with corrosion. Steps to repair: 1. cut in the place of the old repair 2. design and drawing of "prostheses" is a workshop 3. design of wheel axle holders 4. assembly of "prostheses" with handles - welding 5. assembly of new elements with the original fork. It is still necessary to set the parallelism and axiality after welding, grind and it will be ready for initial assembly and fitting. Best regards Paul
  14. Hi, I started putting together Amal carburetors. Found an my garage AMAL carburetor with a BIRMAL body. Carburetor bought 15 years ago from Hitchcock. Was Birmal a supplier to Amal? Best regards. Pawel P.S. Brian replied.
  15. Hi Ron, Thank you for your help. I ordered two exhaust kits from Armor. I'm waiting for the shipment. Best regards. Paweł
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