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  1. Hi Lex, http://www.nsu-riders.pl/gallery/v/251-osl/Nsu-201-OSL-1934r-i-troche-1933r-__/NSU_201+OSL_1934/Sierpien_2007/ This is an older version from a 1934 and a little bit from a 1933 my colleague from the NSU forum. Pawel
  2. I always thought red was the fastest.🤣😂🤣 But: de gustibus non disputandum.🤔 Pawel
  3. I already thought that the one that was run over by the tank is yours. This is the big model 351 or 501. Uffff.....🤣 How was your 251 in condition before overhaul? Pawel
  4. I admire the enormous amount of work. I meant were the springs spiral? Mine should be flat (?) but cracked and replaced with a newer spiral model.
  5. Lex, in Poland there is a forum devoted only to the NSU. You can write in English. I am sending the link: https://www.nsu-riders.pl/phpBB3/index.php A nice copy from before the war with open valves. Were the valve springs as shown in the photo? Pawel
  6. I forgot to add photos of U-pipes for Triumph. And repaired petrol tap for Quick with new cork seal. Lex, I d'nt forget. 😁 Thank you. Pawel
  7. While working with the Triumph fuel system, I reconstructed the fuel pipes in my NSU 501OSL and Quick to their original condition. The big NSU lights up and works. There is a problem with gear shifting (adjustment). Quick needs a little more work. Regards Pawel
  8. Hi, Triumph engine ready to run. The carburetor is also waiting. Unfortunately, work on the chassis slowed down. Greetings Pawel
  9. Hi. Slowly, the engine overhaul is coming to an end. Pawel
  10. Many thanks Ron. Pawel
  11. Hi Ron, I once got a picture of your engine. Is there any seal between the tube on the timing cover and the crankshaft? I have nothing. Greetings Pawel
  12. Hi, The breather nozzle in sleev nut was missing from the engine. Probably some genius mechanic had decided that it was unnecessary earlier. Fortunately in the parts that were left over after the renovation from 1987of the civilian version. My dad gave me new parts and I hid the old ones. Fortunately, he made two diaphragms. Today, the old nut and the new diaphragm have found their place in the engine for the military version. Works perfectly as a one-way valve. Regards Paul.
  13. Hi, Brian is a good idea if he writes back. Unfortunately, valve collars from Zundapp was not a good idea. After folding, it turned out that the valve springs are not compressed enough. I made technical drawings and commissioned collars and split cotter to be made in small series. The split cotter have been hardened. IN its old, original. EX its new. After folding, everything fits. Pawel
  14. Thanks. The diaphragm its missing in both engines. Brian it is good idea. Pawel
  15. Another problem arose when assembling the engine. The diaphragm (E1469) is missing in the crankcase breather. I don't know how it is constructed or what it looks like. Is this sleeve in the middle of the body (E1466) a plug (E1464)? Do you have better photos of these items? Parts from mine in the photo. Regards. Pawel
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