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  1. Thanks. The diaphragm its missing in both engines. Brian it is good idea. Pawel
  2. Another problem arose when assembling the engine. The diaphragm (E1469) is missing in the crankcase breather. I don't know how it is constructed or what it looks like. Is this sleeve in the middle of the body (E1466) a plug (E1464)? Do you have better photos of these items? Parts from mine in the photo. Regards. Pawel
  3. Thanks. I have quite a few old parts without coating, only copper or brass. The new copies are made of shiny chrome. đŸ˜Ŧ That's why I asked because I wasn't sure. I'll give mine for the galvanization. After a year, they patina on the mat. The valve springs came from Austria in original Terrys packaging. Collar from Zundapp slightly reworked to fit inch dimensions. I'm assembling the engine tomorrow !!! Unless the wife comes up with other, more important home and garden tasks. ☚ī¸ Cheers Paul
  4. Hi, I started making petrol pipes. Were the U pipe and pipe from the tap to the carburetor coated with dull chrome? Was the civil version different from the military version? Polish chrome? Regards Pawel
  5. I was able to get the valve spring collar with split cotter from the Zundapp 750. The dimensions are almost identical. The difference is 0.1 - 0.3 mm. The important dimensions are identical. I'm waiting for the valve springs from Austria and I'm ready to close the engine. Regards and thank you for yours help. Pawel
  6. Many thanks, Jenikov, I orderd in Austria valve springs. Regards Pawel
  7. Sorry, its sold. ☚ī¸ I ask in Cornucopia in last year. Thank you for yours help. Pawel
  8. I hope it will be a lesson for others willing to learn Indian inventions. I am having a discussion, they are supposed to find out in the technical department - the neighboring shack. 😆 Regards Pawel.
  9. Ron, I know it could be cast iron. But the Germans also used cast iron in the NSU during the war. It's just that German cast iron will be better than Indian cast steel. 😆 For now, I am putting it together to make it complete. Maybe I can buy an original one. The spring is rolled up the other way. Does not fit the sockets. It is ok without pressure, like in museum. Ha, ha. I will not ride on this. Thanks for the warning. Pawel
  10. Ones my girder fork its from India. 😭 My old purchase. I think how to fix it so that it is safe and parallel/straight, level? Pawel
  11. Ron, Indians produced English Royal Enfield, small BMW, KTM etc ... 😂 I know, but I found an identical one in the USA. Identical photos, but the American ones are Terrys. đŸ¤Ŗ I think both are from India. I have to look further. Maybe someone will do me according to the samples. Pawel
  12. Hmm, you are right. But in the photo, there were others on offer, such as genuine. We'll see what he will answer? Pawel
  13. Hi, I bought valve springs in India. See what I got !!! 😮 Regards Pawel.
  14. Hi, Another problem solved. This timing gear cover timing plug E732 was glued in and the cover itself had a damaged thread. The plug was 30 mm. It was larger than the original one. I made a sleeve with the correct thread and a new plug. The timing cover is also screwed without a gasket; only with shellac? I am waiting for valves spring from India. I miss one spring valve top collar and split cotter for engine 350 s.v. Maybe someone has these parts? I am happy to buy. Best regards.
  15. These pistons are oval and barrel-shaped. They are symmetrical in relation to the pin. The front and rear walls of the piston skirt are of the same thickness. There are no Front / Side or similar markings. I don't know what the markers F.F. and LH on top of the piston? I think it doesn't matter how to install the plunger. Pawel
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