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  1. Thanks, I've seen those.
  2. Wanted 12 volt siren as fitted to jeeps and other MV,s.
  3. GMC CCKW 353 Cargo. The truck is very very solid, steel body with wooden floor in great condition.Split Axles, Early grill, The cab is very solid no rot any where. truck still on 6 volt and on the button. Bar grip tyres all round loads of tread, some small signs of cracking. Inside of cab is mint and unmolested. The paintwork has a nice patina. The truck has stood for a number of years so will need going over. I did change the engine oil and drain the fuel tank and stick 40 ltrs of fresh fuel in it. PM me with interest. or mobile 07545107174
  4. HWade


    Wanted for a Dodge WC51 /52 I require a used canvas set for my truck, i could go out and buy a new one but I am after a used one with a good Patina. Thanks Howard
  5. Hello Peter, thanks for the reply and the information, the truck started its life as a decontamination unit, and i guess thats how the lever is there. The tipper was a post war mod done by a company in Norfolk, the pto on it now has a lever coming straight through the floor. This has certainly cleared up what the pull push lever was for. Ive attached a picture of the truck I have nearly finished restoring.
  6. Hello Peter,With regards to the PTO activation lever, I am restoring a dodge d60, which is fitted with tipping gear, when I got the restoration it had already been taken to pieces. The truck has the same lever as yours but i cant for the life of me see cant see where it connects to on the pump on the gear box. There is another lever on the top of the pump that you turn, would the push pull lever under the dash just have been fitted as a matter of course, or should it be connected some where. Many Thanks Howard.
  7. HWade


    Hello Pete Some thing else i need for the c15 is a clutch fork if you have one please. Many Thanks Howard
  8. HWade


    Hello peter. Thats great yes, what is the price please. Here is my Address, The Mead, Debenham Road, Crowfield, Suffolk,IP6 9TE. Not sure if there are any couriers collecting. Thankks Howard
  9. HWade


    Wanted. Transfer box for a chevrolet CMP. must be complete. Please pm. or call me on 0754510174. Thanks. Howard.
  10. I have a coventry climax 4 cylinder air cooled genset 6kva. The set is trailer mounted. I am trying to find a manual or a copy of one. if anyone can help that would be appreciated.
  11. If anybody can help I am trying to track down this bus that i worked on back in June 2010. Thanks Howard.
  12. Hello Tony Thanks for the heads up, but I wont have any customs to pay. Howard
  13. Wanted. Electric roof vent fan for WC54. please PM me. Thanks Howard
  14. HWade

    American Canvas

    HelloThanks for the offer, no I need it to produce a hood. Thanks.
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