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  1. up date for you springs stripped and rebuilt frame sorted and body rewelded so it fits just some holes to weld up tomorrow then off to get it blast cleaned when its away will paint all the bits to get it back on its wheels as i have booked it in for Yorkshire war time show even if it its not running i found anther photo in a book the markings on the side stand for wheeled vehicle experimental establishment i think i will put this on the side of my jeep all the best jerry
  2. sorry i did a bit about setting up diffs go through my posts on By Jerry Jeep June 11, 2020 in American Vehicles
  3. Hi i have the tools to do axles and setting up the pinions the most important bit is setting the pinion hight can you see the size on the face could be for example + 1 to +8 or -1 to -8 its a long job if you have never done it before i can do it for you if you need got to do one for myself next week on the Nuffield jeep all the best jerry this is a +2
  4. its not my welding you will not see it when I am done just like the others I have
  5. Spent today working on the nuffield got the body off along with the axles and found the jeep has been made longer by 6" back to an 80" wheel base so cut out the a fending bit to put it back to 74" will have to do the same to the body later
  6. finished the m6 high speed tractor put the model of the jeep next to it for size comparison and nearly finished the m4 half track an old Tamiya kit built straight from the box
  7. started work today on my next new prodget that i picket up 2 weeks ago a lot of work i have most of the bits however both axles are off a cj3b and wheels off i dont know will keep you up to date as the job moves along all the best jerry
  8. your friend Andy's jeep could be the back lash between the crown wheel and pinion in the diff this will give the buzzing noise or the cv joint in the swivel housings in front axle
  9. cheque out the web site you might find what your after www.Royal Signals .org.uk
  10. have you cleaned the windings out to remove all the oil some of my jeeps for you
  11. column would be off an m38 jeep or cj3 jeep m38 will not have the hole for the horn brush all the best jerry
  12. Had this with a costumers jeep have you cleaned all the oil out of the generator this will create a short some were inside and can be difficult to get out i had to dismantle the gen and put it on brake cleaner this included the field coils inside the body of the gen skim the commutator up on a lath and fit new carbon brushes that's what i would do you will have to let all the brake cleaner evaporate and don't leave it soaking over night you could also get the armature re dipped in shellack to stop any shorts hope this helps all the best jerry
  13. i had to make the one for my truck make a plywood Paton and bend the steel around the edge with a rubber hammer then add the hinge and bits all the best jerry
  14. just finishing off anther one of my jeeps will take some photos for you and post them here its a 1945 ford us navy see bees in green
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