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  1. if you fit the springs from an m38 jeep the bottom end is forked shape so you can fit them from the top or just get ww2 type and cut the bottom out of the pivot hole
  2. yes only early jeeps had the spring the screw hole for the lock plate was left open also the data plates were screwed on with a pressed type nut you can get them i think jeeparts have them
  3. late jeeps had a much higher catch witch did away with the lock plate
  4. just spread the legs out a bit so you do not need to drill extra holes that's what i do
  5. i don't you have enough trouble just with the wings and grill then add the anti squeak best of luck
  6. fit under the grill other wise the fitting bolts will damage the hood
  7. no..... you might have to cut the square part back as the repro light bolts are to long
  8. This week end got some time to work on my jeep breaks and pipes and rebuilt the ford steering box need to blast the rest of the f axle bits and finish off then its mock up an engine and gearbox so i can make the deep mud exhaust out the back only way to do this without getting one shipped from the good old USA at a lot of $$$ is make one from an m38 pipe set i have made one before this way and it works out ok a bit of cutting and welding
  9. yes its ok but if the t90 box is to stay i will have to move the centre cross member back a bit
  10. Its has been a a bit slow working on my jeep as i had a engine rebuild that came in last thing but today its back to it and finished off the front axle crown wheel and paint it and fit it in the jeep next job is to blast and paint the rest of the bits and fit brakes, pipes and steering also had anther jeep come in to be rebuilt its fitted with a t90 gearbox i don't know if we will keep it time will tell some of the work has already been done front bumper guests and back tow frame
  11. I filled them with grease and a bit of oil it will stop when you start driving it the jeep leans because of the extra spring on the drivers side and the new type springs very hard no give only way to stop the lean is make some longer dog bones that fit to the extra spring photo below
  12. so now i have finished steviem jeep for him and some time before the next one comes in i have started with my next jeep a very late ford gpw that has the exhaust out the back no fuel filter on the bulk head and a load of other late parts that i have in stock first started with the front axle needs a new crown wheel and pinion fitting the ford springs that i reset and the back axle that i did some time back all the best jerry
  13. today steviems jeep was on its way back to him John picked it up with his truck and a few photos later it was off hope you have as much fun with your jeep as i have over the years with my trucks i got my first jeep when i was 20 and i still have her in the workshop she cost me £1750 along with extra axles gear boxes and engine keep in touch all the best jerry p.s. the last photo with me the wood across the rad is just to stop the wings flapping in transit
  14. I think today is the last days work on steviem jeep that involved rebuilding the passengers side front wing and what a job I think i could now weld a tee bag as today that's what i have done it turned out well a bit out of shape so with the help of a big hammer it now fits some body filler ,red primer and the last of the top coat very dark drab then bolted on. Next week end its back off to steviem and he is going to finish it off just remember i am at the end of the phone, hope you have enjoyed the rebuild as i have and i think i will do the same again putting up the rebuild photos with my next jeep for myself it is a very late ford GPW no filter on bulkhead, deep mud exhaust and 700x16 tyres all the best jerry
  15. just to let any one know if you need the late type brake/clutch pedal pad i have made the press and can make them for you just the pads are £5 each if you need me to weld them to your pedals and cover them with anti slip or i can do this the cost for that is £10 each you get them back blasted, primed with anti slip cover and painted in light olive drab or very dark drab
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