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  1. the regulators that can work 6 volts or 12 volts and are solid state inside are great however what i have found and you should know is that jeeps and dodges and more that use the same type of generator there are two types first is a FIELD EARTHED and the other is a ARMATURE EARTHED there is no way of knowing which one you have from the out side you need to strip down the gen and cheque it out
  2. this will be for show only as an alternator has this built inside its called a rectifier pack
  3. get the new step there is a difference not much i can work around it
  4. spent today removing all the rusty panels and patches have ground up all the spot welds there is a lot of steel to put back just need to do a bit of panel beating to dress all the edge angles then strip down the only two combat wheels and axles then off to taffy the best blaster in the north west
  5. heater or speaker for radio seen this before i am going to strip the axles next and get them blasted along with the 2 combat rims will phone universal next week and get two more rims and order the tyres from john grey
  6. have done the lights indicators for the grill and head / side lights fitted just need to do the indicators in the back lights will draw out the wire diagram for you when i cut out all the rust will post the damage for you there is a large number of drilled holes i need to weld up for you there is going to be a lot of body filling and sanding for you the body filling is better going over the red primer. Have put all the bolts from the parts i take off with them so it will be easer for you to rebuild your jeep
  7. today job was to strip down the jeep body and cut all the rust out tomorrow then its of to the scrap yard 😏 sorry the sand blasters all ways get the two mixed up with old jeeps all the best jerry
  8. spent today finishing off the willys mb frame for steviem looking all good now so next its cut all the rust off the body then its off to t he shot blasters along with a box of bits
  9. working on the front of steviem jeep got it all sorted and welded up i have made some strengthening plates for under the cross tube i have done this on a number of jeep over the years and they don't look out of place and the chassis did need them did all the grinding then it rained on it and i went inside to work on the grill combat lights
  10. can i order the hangers on monday £17 each look on jeeparts shop
  11. spent today finishing off the last of the grinding around the front end and bolted it to the jig ready for welding up will have to make some extra reinforcement plates need to get 4 bolt spring hangers as the last owner has welded tubes on the oval holes what a mess
  12. work to day. spent all day cutting and grinding all the scrap from the front of the jeep and yes its not good the steel plate was 1/4" thick and ark welded on will need to get the chassis jig out tomorrow to set it up when i first striped the jeep it has had a very hard life this truck
  13. so anther day in paradise working on the jeep sorted out the back end and finished it off found two spring hangers in my stock of parts just need to weld on the hangers when i turn it over finished making the bit of the frame that was missing tomorrow weather permitting will start to cut all the extra scrap off the front end to fit the new bumper plates
  14. Anther cold day at work shop but got on with rebuilding the steering box striped off the springs cleaned all the axle U bolts and recut the threads sorted the spring base plates and got all the bits in primer tomorrow will paint them in colour ready for fitting Steviem give me a ring later
  15. just see your post a lot of people do not have the vent pipes fitted m201 , m38 , m38a1 need the coil cooling the pipes run from the air filter to manifold and keep it all cool i have changed many jeep to a war time type dizzy all the parts are a lot cheaper and you can run j8 plugs and much better ht leads
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