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  1. you are running a carter carb i think you need to strip down clean and rebuild get yourself a metering rod gauge from joes motor pool and a new accelerator pump piston reset the float that is were i would start on youtube there is videos on how to rebuild and set them up i bet there is muck in one or more of the jets
  2. could be the valves in the pump i have had this before you need to get them the correct way
  3. yes its a nice kit a hell of a lot of parts have just ordered a Sherman M4A4 to go on the back
  4. Today had a sort out as my kits were all over the place and took some photos what kit do you think i should do next all the best jerry
  5. i had this with a dodge you could start it leave it running all day but when you took it out it would just stop running and it was rust in the tank that blocked the pick up pipe take a look inside through the float sender hole
  6. i have had this before and it was the lead from the gen to the regulator i re wired it and it was fine would be worth testing it
  7. There should be a hole just behind the back of the foot step look this photo is from a m38 jeep but is the same other side
  8. Hi steviem are you going the the victory show if so will bring the m43 jacket with me will be selling some parts on grahams stall
  9. all the blackout lights were 6volt you need to get the same type of bulb holder as the panel lamp smash out the old bulb and then you can push the new holder in and fit it with a 12 volt unit
  10. if you fit the springs from an m38 jeep the bottom end is forked shape so you can fit them from the top or just get ww2 type and cut the bottom out of the pivot hole
  11. yes only early jeeps had the spring the screw hole for the lock plate was left open also the data plates were screwed on with a pressed type nut you can get them i think jeeparts have them
  12. late jeeps had a much higher catch witch did away with the lock plate
  13. just spread the legs out a bit so you do not need to drill extra holes that's what i do
  14. i don't you have enough trouble just with the wings and grill then add the anti squeak best of luck
  15. fit under the grill other wise the fitting bolts will damage the hood
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