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  1. todays work i set about fitting the new clutch and setting the finger height then fit the new clutch release bearing and spring then bolt up the gear box to the engine tomorrow i will finish the frame only need to fill the axles with oil and bleed the brakes and give the frame a last coat of paint
  2. Also you may notice that the t.case is from an m38 jeep T90 i made a jig so i could mill cut a grove in the casting to allow for the shift leavers and the interlocking plunger on the T84, the T90 gearbox has all this in the top casting with the gear leaver
  3. to day finished the gearbox and t case rebuild and its time to let the green paint dry then its bolt and set the clutch cover fit the gearbox's to the engine photos from yesterday as well the funny wing shaped bit (photo 2) is the spacer/clamp to make up the bit of casting that was missing (photo 1) i don't think it will look out of place what do you think i also had to fit a nut to the centre bolt as the thread had been drilled out (photo 6)
  4. i worked for them at the shows and get all my parts of them for over 25 years i restore jeep for a living
  5. i think jeeparts have the rotary type switch in as some one i know has just got one ask for Helen tell them you know me jerry haynes
  6. what type are you looking for push pull light switch or the rotary type i know there is a bit of a shortage with the dealers on jeep looms i find the seal tested ones with two brake/tail lamps is the best there is also the mv spares and you pay for the name you just need to phone around jeeparts, universal jeeps, and the others
  7. i spray the first coat that's just the working coat, when its all built up i spray it again in red then its ready then for green top coat i have sorted the transfer box by making a spacer clamp some new parts should turn up Friday but i will finish it tomorrow and replace my parts used did not have my camera so will take some photos tomorrow for you all the best
  8. This weekend i got all the bits back from the blaster and set about cleaning all the dust off and priming the parts then i finished off the engine sump bolted on along with the fan just waiting for the generator to finish off today i rebuilt the gear box and started to work out how to fix the transfer box as there is a bottom lug of the casting that was missing it is also an m38/cj box and the interlocking grove has not been cut deep enough or in line with the shift rods what a mess i will have to spend some time with it will put up some more photos when i get it sorted
  9. not all jeeps had them however there are 4 different types
  10. just put the transfer box into neutral it will be fine pulled a gmc behind my 969 diamond t from Birmingham to Manchester no problem
  11. yesterday i welded up both the manifolds all ok now and then striped the carb down cleaned and rebuilt it new gasket and bolted on with new return spring and fuel lines
  12. engine is coming along now waiting for the parts come back from the blasters then its finish the engine and rebuild the gear boxes
  13. Today took in all the bits that can be blasted with Taff over at Rainsford then its back to the workshop and start building up the engine i have sorted the unmatched bearing cap and i have never seen so many piston rings on a jeep were did they get them as luck would have it i had a set of +20 rings will need to reorder with the next shipment valves re set to 14 thou and head studs fitted with lock tight to stop water leaking up the threads next head cleaned oil pick up cleaned sump fitted and all the other bits
  14. Having cleaned up more parts of the engine i found some one has fitted a back bearing cap that is not from this engine if you get an engine cheque the the stamp marks are the same and match ( 1st & 2nd photo ) i will have to shim the bearing cap then i striped the gearboxes down not good ( cheque out the T case oil ) the T case is from an m38 or CJ and its been converted to fit a t84 box and the bottom bolt lug has been snapped off and filled with body filler also one tooth on the out put gear has a chip out of it i think i can get around all the problem's tomorrow i will clean all the ge
  15. This weekend spent stripping down the engine cleaning painting and honing the cylinder linings tomorrow its the turn of the gearbox and T case
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