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Hello everyone from germany


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Someone may be know me as the stupid guy in germany who own some British military vehicles. :whistle:


So I found my hobby in 1994 as I bought my first stolly, follows by four other Stalwarts, a Militant Mk.1, a LR 109 SIIa, a Saracen, a LR 101 Intercept, a Saladin, 6x4 Crusader, a Ferret Mk.I and at last the Humber Pig (at the moment...)


For the few good fellows around me here in Bavaria I try to get spares and get answers for/about their British MV too.


If I can give answers about German MV - feel free to ask anything...


I´ll give my very best ;-)


Herewith my ex. foaming pig FV1611 32BK80 after restauration back into the FV 1609 Mk.1 type and just before sandblasting:


width=640 height=480http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/338677.jpg[/img]

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Thanks for that nice willcome :-)


welcome to the forum, one question about german MV`s any Tiger tanks or panther tanks lying around going spare ?????


Sure, many many panzers of the wehrmacht lying right back in my next vincinity. Panthers, Tigers, StuGs and Halftracks from Bandai, Tamiya, Airfix and so on :evil:


Any pictures of the other vehicles you have owned.


OK - a little selection of 15 years of work:


width=640 height=480http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/339373.jpg[/img]


width=538 height=387http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/339382.jpg[/img]


width=640 height=484http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/339384.jpg[/img]


width=640 height=457http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/339386.jpg[/img]





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Wonderful Roland!


Good to see you here and thank you very much for the introduction and images......


Quick question (going to ask before someone else does) do you have any German Jerrycans hanging around :?


I would like one or thirty :whistle:


Best wishes.



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@ jack


Jerrycans - only some of the bundeswehr and british army - no one of wehrmacht or SS if you asked about that...


I have sold all my wehrmacht stuff just before I got my first stalwart. Oh - I lie - I have one (empty) 200Liter Petrolvat from the wehrmacht in my garage. Ýou are in interest ?


next pictures:


width=640 height=432http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/339423.jpg[/img]


width=640 height=534http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/339424.jpg[/img]


width=360 height=176http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/339425.jpg[/img]

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Being in Bavaria do you ever get to go to the Museum in Munich? I believe they have some rare WWII vehicles there.




You will find no WWII vehicles in the german museum in Munich ! May be one or two civilian cars of the fourtys but no armour ! :|

If you want to see Tigers and co you have to go to MUNSTER near of CELLE. There is the german tank museum.


Do you have to cut sections out of the armour of your armoured vehicles to comply with local laws?


Yes I have to do that :cry: closed by 3mm sheet metal :|

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Welcome to HMVF Roland.


Your ex Foaming Pig looks interesting. I had a look over a very rusty complete version a few years back. It had all the pump equipment in the back. It looked like a nasty place to work.


I hope you get to know us all on the forum.


Snapper (Mark B)

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