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  1. Hi Johann If you are looking for labels for your radios I can put you in touch with a guy who makes excellent copies. I used them on my recent build of a Fusprech A for my Sdkfz 222 replica. Did you make the power lead connectors yourself? I've been looking for some of those for ages.
  2. Hmm, never as easy as you think. I'll recheck the info.
  3. Hi Clive Thanks for getting back to me. The chassis number is 3142C, actually a FV1602 and we think the reg was 31 BK 42? Any info you can give me would be appreciated, I'd love to know the history. Thanks Brian
  4. Hi I'm trying to trace production dates and history of a Landrover 101 and FV1601 from their chassis numbers. I'm hoping to get them re-registered and back on the road. Is anyone able to help? Thanks, Brian
  5. Hi Can anyone recommend a good CNC steel cutting service in the South East? My current project is going to require lots of complex pieces and having them laser or plasma cut will save a lot of time. Thanks in advance Brian
  6. Thanks for the responses - it's what I was expecting with regards the emails.
  7. Hi Just wondered if any of you had any experience with this company in France https://jeep-dodge-gmc.com/smi/ ? I've tried emailing them but haven't had a response. Are they still operating? Thanks Brian
  8. I'm looking for two connectors for WWII Notek convoy lights: 1) for the convoy headlight, that fits inside the mounting bracket and connects to the headlamp unit 2) that connects to the back of the convoy tail unit If you have any bulbs I'd be interested too. Thanks Brian
  9. I have some images of panzer IIs in use by American forces and another of what look to be either Russian or partisans?
  10. Thanks very much for the information, I had no ideas about the different sizes of wheel and track widths between the British /Canadian and the Aussie/Kiwi versions. Just for completeness can someone tell me what the two types of tyre width are? Thanks again Brian
  11. I have a few questions for all you carrier owners out there, sorry if they sound obvious: Are carrier tracks fairly standard or do they differ significantly between models? Do the widths of the road wheel tyres (where it’s in contact with the track) differ greatly between models? How easy is it to get hold of replacement track these days and can anyone recommend a supplier? Thanks in advance - Brian
  12. sort of scratch building yes, but a bit bigger than 1/35 scale... I'll post something once I actually get going. Just info gathering at the moment.
  13. Can one of you CVR(T) owners answers some questions on the size of the road wheels? I'd like to know: 1. Overall road wheel diameter including tyre 2. Width of the tyre on a single wheel (i.e. the bit in contact with the track) 3. Diameter of the hub Many thanks
  14. The governement statistics say that they believe (I don't know how they could know) that nearly 10% of all firearm offences are commited by reactived weapons. Am I the only one wondering why they don't go into details of the other over 90% of offences? I have been informed :whistle: that fully automatic eastern block weapons are cheaper here on the black market than legally bought deactivated weapons. Why isn't there a move to do something about these? Is it because it would be too expensive to shore up our leaky borders to prevent the flood of illegal weapons coming into this country?
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