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  1. Can someone identify these NOS spares for me? I have em in stock since years, but don´t know for what ! Would like to sell both:
  2. Sorry for wrong defination. I should wrote: STALWART = artillery limber and AEC = 10to GS Cargo. And please, I do not sell em and I do not make the price. I only want to bring it to attention...
  3. You read correct, but it is OBO. Think, Hardwig would`nt have time wasters at his phone. Do not forget - it is German market - and full swimmable Stalwart or the unique AEC are more than rare over here. I know the vehicles very well. Both lorries are very complete and full useable and with the trailer a great sight. An actual cash value - for those good running vehicles - with no further work require - is not so far away from the 50K range, I guess. But on the other side british vehicles from 50th or 60th are not really searched in Germany and arround. I must sold my crusader for onl
  4. May be with interest: This Mk.1 is for sale now. Lockated in south of Germany. Artillery limber and nearly rust free. It was the last AEC sold by british rhine army in germany in 1989. Absolute complete and nice runner. The full swimming STALWART with crane and the M150 is also to sell. Owner is a friend of mine, and the whole rig stands dry in the Air Force Museum Leipheim http://www.fliegerhorstmuseum-leipheim.de/Museum/ 20 Miles east of ULM or 30 Miles west of AUGSBURG. The lorry fire up at once and it run like in its first days. If anyone has serious interest at all
  5. My Humber Pig is sold ! Get back to south england in a new home. The new (and proud) owner want to go to Belring 2013 with it. May be he write here some posts. I`ll send him the link. He like to have contact with clive...
  6. My Crusader "roadhouse" last summer. I like to come to beltring this year with it... !
  7. Very interesting ! Is it possible 98BA37 ? Can not read it clear. If so it was mine in 1998-2000:
  8. Sure ! As a very very early shorland land rover prototype ;-)
  9. Sure you will find some missing or wrong details, but remember - I MUST change some things to get the documents of demilitarisation from german ministery of defence. It passed german technical inspection in 2009 and is road registered as a historic vehicle now. It was german restoration with my best possibilities. Most problem for me is now: Things changes and I have too many vehicles and too less time. Thats the reason why I try to sell this Humber pig. I have to reduce my collection but will hold my Saladin. To restore british military ve
  10. So then - sandblasted, welded, painted and with thousands of miles driven through northern europe to get the right stuff and a lot of money to complete it. But I made a mistake! The army registration was 27 BT 90 but I spray BK at the backrest of driver seat. I have to correct it next...
  11. This Pig I bought in Netherlands in 2005 and brought it to south germany. I spend 3 years in restoration on it. German law allow not full armoured vehicles in private hands. So I had to demilitarized it in some specs. The heavy uparmoured pig Mk2 was horrible to drive and I believe now to know were the name "PIG" came from... So I planned to bring it back to the Mk.1 specs. Much lighter, less fuel, better performance, better brakes and much better to drive. A lot of reasons to make this job. This was the car I got from Holland in 2005, drivable but rusty and heavy: Cutting of al
  12. After a long time of work on my "Roadhouse" herewith two pictures from the next step of restoration. I hope to get ready with it for the "Oldtimerlastwagen Treffen Wörnitz" (vintage lorry event at Wörnitz/Bavaria) at September.
  13. You realised that these SALADIN are ex German Border Guard Vehicles? No coaxial guns, different smoke discargers, MG1 (MG42) turret machine gun! They´re FV601D. More about this special type here : http://afvsociety.co.uk/Forum3/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=152
  14. Nice pictures at all - I don´t like to tell something wrong. But the scanned pictures of my wehrmachts-vehicle book seems wrong then. The Stoewer kfz.3 shows different hood cooling louvres. Paul Hockings-car use the BMW one. Wrong hood then? Only Paul can tell it to us I guess.
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