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I am a newbie MV owner (Ferret mk1/2).

I have wanted either a ferret, Saracen or PIG for 4 years now, and have visited Beltring and spoke to owners to guage whether I was really being mad. My wife has finally succumbed (although I am not sure she will be so keen when I take delivery next week).

I went down the Ferret route as the Saracen just seemed too complicated/expensive to run for a first vehicle, and the PIG did not seem as much fun.


Well..looks like my weekends will be pretty full from here on out, but now I am really looking forward to next July :)


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Welcome to HMVF Mick and thanks for joining.


You will be in great compant here with your choice of vehicle as we have many Ferret owners and we are lucky enough to have many knowledgable people more than happy to share information.


Make yourself at home.



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Welcome Mick,


Now there's an idea for a photo - all the vehicles owned by HMVF members gathered together.... Need some serious lenses to get that lot in!!




I'm going to talk to the Beltring arena Marshall about doing this one evening straight after the tanks have left, and before we lose the light.
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Hi guys...glad to be here...it took four long years to convince the missus that we could actually have a Rolls Royce, that would cost less than £100 to insure and no road tax....boy-oh-boy is she gonna be surprised when it turns up on the drive :whistle:


Rick...I think you may be right...auction finished yesterday. Yes, it does seem a bargain, and the seller seems a really nice guy. I just need to get it transported back from Peterbrough to Woking in Surrey. I'd love to drive it, but the seller made me see sense....I know he is right as I have never driven a pre-select before (although I have read and re-read a Saracen user handbook) and it has that leak in the fuel pump.

Do any of you guys have a low-loader ;-)



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Hi Mike


Glad to see there's another armour-fiend in Surrey. If you need any help give me a shout.


I've only had my GMC since November, but I'm already finding out how expensive these vehicles are to transport / run / fix up. :schocked: I'm getting mine back from R&R services next week, so I've got that magic moment to look forward to when the wife sees it backing into the driveway. :shocking:



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Hi there! We currently have enough armour and support vehicles to start a small war but an extra Ferret is always welcome! :)



Intresting thought! Having the kind of goverment we do at the moment in norway, we use that as an excuse to arm ourselves. That's possibly what's going on elsewhere as well?


Do we have any chart showing just how much we got of the different vehicles?


Almost forgot: Welcome!!!




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That Ferret on eBay can be bettered by many others - its missing huge amounts of exterior cosmetics and without an interior shot of the crew compartment back who knows, just look at the tear in the drivers seat for an indication of possible condition :schocked:


£5k? That's not even the starting price as he has a high reserve on it as stated in the description.


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