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Halftracks, what the.....!


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The M 16 is the Anti Aircraft version with partly hinged armour.

There are M 16, M2, M3 and M5 in different modifications...

More but can't find my booklet. :argh:





Thank you Enigma................ :-D

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What sort of licence do you need to drive a half track in the USA (illinois to be accurate). My wife, who is of US origin (part of my plan to set up a system of bringing back WW1 US truck parts to the UK on the cheap), mentioned again today that we move to the USA. The bad side is that it will be a right bogger trying to get to work. The good side is that you can buy a 4 bedroomed house and a couple of acres of land for about £60,000. Since we bought our house 10 years ago it has more than doubled in value which leaves me to think that i might have some money left over to buy an expensive toy. Possibly a half track and maybe a Liberty B as well, oh and i will be taking the Jeep with me. Thoughts anyone?


Tim (too)

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Not sure on the driving thing,Steve McNally was our designated jockey in Bastogne, and a very capable one at that.

She has power steering and oodles of power, so that must make it a little easier to drive than the others.

With another broken down track yoked to the back of it , it was gaining on the others up long inclines on the N4 dual carriageway so that shows how much grunt she has.

Sounds good at full tilt on the above link !! :-D

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