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History of my FV436 from day 1


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I was looking for a 439, but could not find a complete version. The 432 upgraded to 436 came available & as it was local, seemed a very good purchase.




FV436 was delivered by Steve last week & duly placed in the safe haven of the extended driveway. As soon as Saturday arrived it was the start of discovery, the speedo registered 300 odd miles & the pack showed all the signs of none use. A quick clean & in the shed for attending to minor tree opps.






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Hi Phil.


Looks in good condition.


If you are interested - I may have an event you can take the 436 too.


In short it is a road run linking all the fire stations in Kent.


It's for charity.


Let me know if you are interested.



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Today I spent the morning trying to open 2 45 gallon drums, got there in the end :undecided: Having now filled 7 25ltr containers, I'm just wondering wether I want to us it, as the colour is dark grey, I'm assuming its got oil in it. The 436 does not smoke at all at the moment so must be running on good old diesel, shall I take the chance & fill 1 of the tanks up. I suppose there's always the option to drain it...


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It was a great drive in, mist, sun & lots of engine noise :D. I noticed the escort coming through Gillingham, well only when we went around a corner...


It seems the FV436 is not registered on the PNC data base as insured, no mention of the L plates, but a good mention of my road craft :bow:


The journy home was rubbish, so much traffice & a boot fare in Rainham, which caused such a tail back - fun, fun, fun :nut:



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