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  1. Ah ok, I didn't realise there were two designs - just assumed it was a universal towing frame! Are the steel ones also suitable for CVRT's or are they a bit too big? James
  2. Thanks guys. I had a feeling the main tubes would be aluminium. James
  3. Hello! Having never handled one in the flesh, what are the A frame recovery tow bars made of.. ally or steel? Thanks! James
  4. I've only just found this thread and have spent several hours reading (and still only at page 33!) through with utter amazement at the work, dedication and skills that you have and are putting to use to save this vehicle. I don't think I can say anything more than other people have already said, so quite simply absolutely amazing! Well done. Out of interest, I notice Steve(?) is wearing a Terex-Pegson shirt in one of the photos. I work for a quarrying company (Bullimores). I wonder if we've met at some point. James
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