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  1. Hi all, I need a contact to ship my 436 from Southampton to Melbourne. Thanks Phil
  2. A very quick reply 20.40 Hello Thanks for your swift response.I WILL OFFER YOU £6750 FOR THE FV436 and you don't need to bother or stress yourself about the shipment because i have a reliable shipper that will come to your location for the pickup to my house in Dublin and also my shipper will be assisting me in clearing and picking some of my goods that i bought from other buyers down to my house. I would like to have your full information for the payment So that i can forward it to my Accountant to issue you payment as soon as possible, kindly mail me back in Time,with your full
  3. He replied 20.30 Hello Phil, Thank you for your response. What i really want you to confirm is how much is your last price for it. I await your response. Regards, David Dollar... ..& of course the price. Hi David, The price is £6750.00 Thanks
  4. Received this yesterday at 12.30 :cool2: Hello, How are you today?I saw advert of yours for the sale of the above mentioned and i have interest in buying it.I will like you to get back to me if it is forsale and do not forget to write the last price,current conditions and pictures. I await your response and do have for yourself a beautiful weekend. Regards, David. My reply: Hi David, Thanks for the email, everything you've asked about is on the current ad, if there is something I've missed off, please let me know. Regard Phil
  5. Don't understand why I'm having so much trouble insuring the truck!!!!! :undecided:
  6. Thanks but they cant cover me on SD&P :-(
  7. Hi, just bought a 7.5 flat bed truck with Hiab (not army), who's my best better for insurance. Thanks Phil
  8. Well it was a bit of a supprise, come under their 'Firearms, Weapons, and Knives' policy. As far as they are concerned it is 'Ordnance' so cannot be listed :cry: What a joke, Ordnance refers to military weapons and equipment, such as ammunition and combat vehicles, is a FV436 a 'combat vehicle' or just troop carrier. Your thoughts please :cool2:
  9. Hi all, Anyone out their that can help me with the comms in my 436, I have everything but need help setting up. I'm near Maidstone. Thanks Phil
  10. No, not me, I'm taking the pic :cool2: but I did have LOTS of pictures taken of me on the drive too & from Chatham.
  11. It was a great drive in, mist, sun & lots of engine noise . I noticed the escort coming through Gillingham, well only when we went around a corner... It seems the FV436 is not registered on the PNC data base as insured, no mention of the L plates, but a good mention of my road craft :bow: The journy home was rubbish, so much traffice & a boot fare in Rainham, which caused such a tail back - fun, fun, fun :nut:
  12. Where off the Chatham tomorrow, spent most of the day preping, fuel filled, levels checked, post beacon in place & ready to go :laugh:.
  13. Today I spent the morning trying to open 2 45 gallon drums, got there in the end :undecided: Having now filled 7 25ltr containers, I'm just wondering wether I want to us it, as the colour is dark grey, I'm assuming its got oil in it. The 436 does not smoke at all at the moment so must be running on good old diesel, shall I take the chance & fill 1 of the tanks up. I suppose there's always the option to drain it...
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