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mc arhtur jeep of the philippines


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As a new member and car enthusiast I decided I wanted to aquire a jeep. As I have family connections in Cebu Philippines I decided that I might find a bargain there. I have been sent pictures of an available car but it was known there as a Mc Arthur jeep. Some of the pictures clearly show jeep components but is looks like a mixture of different vehicles. The aquisition of a jeep was to use there in the mountains whilst there for some fun but i am also a keen car enthusiast. I would appreciate any thoughts on the subject. The owner wants PHP 50,000 but i have not even started to negotiate yet as my brother in law is still looking for a better car for me



















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Neither of the two Jeeps look like M38's or M38A1's to me, although they look to have an M38 windscreens. The body style looks MB to me at first glance, as the CJ2 and M38's had the fuel tank filler in the side of the body, rather than under the drivers seat cushion.


What throws me a bit is the little door in the firewall of the first jeep. Also, the bonnet ( hood ) hinge has too many segments for a WW2 Jeep. Engine, gearbox, radiator and fuel tank appear to have been changed for something else. There also appears to be no glove box opening as you would expect in an MB. Grill is MB type rather than the later CJ or M38 type. Chassis appears to have been modified/repaired/strengthened at the radiator mount position.


If the first is WW2 era, there's a lot of work needed to put it right, but for £730 ( plus shipping and import ) your could afford to spend a bit on it!


The second Jeep doesn't have enough close up pictures to tell much about it.

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Many thanks for those comments, i am trying to get more close up pictures of the second jeep and also i have my three brother in law and my father in law all looking in different places for me. They are looking in Cebu and Negros. Hopefully i will find some more and post pictures for any comments. I am new to the "jeep" so all comments welcome

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