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  1. The correct oil level is when it's at the top of the filler neck. The oil in the rear cover gets there from splash when the diff rotates. At about 7 o'clock below the bearing is a drain hole back to the bottom of the diff. The same level applies to the gearbox, transfer box and front axle.
  2. Hi Will, looks like we're missing a picture. Dave.
  3. Original heat exchanger.mine was missing when I got her. My diff is very warn and I believe due to this generates a lot of heat. Measured after a road run at 100 degrees. This resulted in the input shaft oil seal getting cooked. Subsequently I've made a replacement pump and used an MBG oil cooler to cool the oil as it's pumped round. This keeps it all below 65 degrees. if your diff is good just monitor the casing temperature around the bearings and if cool then it'll be ok. the bearings cost hundreds of pounds !!!.
  4. 😊 so your the new custodian of Natts. Well done you sir. That ones famous. I do hope you maintain the colour scheme. yes, check the pump is still there. If it's got the heat exchanger on the driver side of the diff then it's more likely to be present. Mine was missing when I got mine and I couldn't find another so had to make one.
  5. Hi Will, from memory, it's sae 140 in the rear diff. Sae 90 in all the others. If you a search on here you'll eventually get most of the info you need. your the other end of England to me but closer to quite a few Explorers in the middle of the country. if you happen to come across a spare transfer box or rear diff please let me know as I'm looking for both. Dave.
  6. The attached image will help you, what engine are you running ? Original Meadows or a.n.other. where are you ? I'm sure someone local could assist. Dave.
  7. Hi Mikes, check out page 21 of the " Explorer fixes and workarounds". It should show a post by "Croc" containing images of a drawing of the back body wood work. Dave.
  8. Hi Dave, they do come up occasionally but very rare. Others have replaced them with a short propshaft. I'm not sure who has made it but I'm sure someone will be along to add details. Dave.
  9. Exhibitor entry forms now available
  10. Exhibitor entry forms available from the end of October.
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