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  1. Spares, larger parts are hard to find. The transfer box doesn’t tolerate abuse or high horse power engine conversions and are now becoming difficult or expensive to replace. Recently a boxed gearbox and transfer box was snapped up for £2500. I heard one changed hands for £3600. body work is straight forward and can be easily diy’ed with the exception of the front mudguards which are radiused in both directions. I was quoted £500 +vat each. tyres, original bar grips are now hard to find in usable condition. Modern equivalents are available and can be sourced second hand at acceptable prices. New they’re north of £500 each. I'm sure others will add their comments.
  2. Hi Grafter6 think of everything as big, to jack up the Explorer, total 12 tons so a big jack. The wheels weight approx 90 kgs. Try to keep then standing up, easier to move and very heavy to pick up if laid down. Storage if inside, the doorway has to be 11ft high. Spanner’s, bsf/whitworth and again big. you get the gist.
  3. Steve, Bravo.👏 you and the team are an inspiration to us all. Dave.
  4. Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. Hope to see you out and about.
  5. Hello Clive, I don't have a microfiche reader. I'm not sure if there's any cheats available on the internet for this format. I'll investigate and get back to you if a find anything. thanks anyway.
  6. Hello fv1609, Do you know where I can get copies of the 2 EMER's you mentioned. I have been trying the National Achives but they appear to be overwhelmed currently.
  7. Thank you both. I've found the plugs in stock at The Exmod company. 2 ordered for £16 including postage. Result.
  8. Hello All. can anyone advise where I can get 2 off Autolite 2327 waterproof spark plugs or the equivalent by another manufacturer. They are to fit an Onan generator. I've tried the Green spark plug company who inform me they don't have any. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Is the textured surface like the dashboard on a mgb. The paint is called "crinkle paint" and is available from the mg owners club amongst other places.
  10. Thanks Richard, Potless and Bryan. the Onan 6.5Kva and 6jb has brought up some internet hits but until now none of the images has been a match for my generator. Richard's link appears to service the USA only. still looking. Dave.
  11. Richard, what can I say, many thanks.
  12. Thanks Richard. Based on your identication I googled "3.5kva Onan generator" and have found a post on HMVF discussing exactly the voltage and that person found a fault on the starter brushes and once rectified the generator started ok on 12v. Im going to look closer to see if I have the same issue. The previous owner has used it with 24v (2x 12volt batteries) so I may have more to fix. Dave.
  13. Thanks Richard for your prompt response. I was led to believe the electric start is 24v. Can you expand on your comment "electric starter, working from the generator" Dave.
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