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  1. Or maybe the engine prefix is a W as mine is.....................or is it an M? Kind regards Colin
  2. Spring tension has worked fine for many years and on many bikes.
  3. Hi John To run two throttles or air slides from one cable you need a junction box, ie. one cable in two out, as per Amal part, link below. http://amalcarb.co.uk/controls-cables/junction-boxes.html Kind regards Colin
  4. You are right Ron the mag would foul the carb and of course there were many makes of bikes which had inlet manifold extensions. Coln
  5. Hello John, the carb is a 6/187 I believe, (I can't get close enough to check the number) when I found the bike it had a standard carb with horizontal fixing holes using an adaptor plate which looked awful so I bought a vertical fixing carb off ebay which looks and work great. Never quite understood why BSA used the horizontal carb on these models, maybe because they were early OHV engines and room for the cables under the tank was an issue. Float level is also very important mine runs best with slightly lower level.
  6. Seeing that BSA B 26 was mentioned in first post I thought I might show mine off here, not military I know but for a 1938 bike it performs really well even in today's traffic and I love it.
  7. I don't ride my flea on the road, it does have V5c but I am not happy using it today's traffic so it sits by the window. Colin
  8. A RE 125 for sale on the bay, it does seem expensive for what it is. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Royal-Enfield-Flying-Flea-Parachute-Bike-WD-Motorcycle-Barn-Find-WW2-Motorcycle/283270360842
  9. Hi all, could any Flea owner tell me what the rim offset on front and rear rims please, dimension from edge of rim to outer edge of brake drum, my wheels came stripped down in a box so I have no way of knowing what the offsets are. My normal rim supplier Devon Rim does not make WMO rims so I have to look elsewhere, has anyone bought rims and spokes from Hitchcocks? the price is a little expensive but if the quality is okay then I may go there. While I'm here ..........I bought some SCC2 two pack paint from my usual paint guy and he said the less hardener you put in the more matt it dries, well I sprayed the seat frame as Leightons are going to recover it and it didnt dry as matt as I thought it would, its far from shiny but does have a sheen to it, so my question is how matt should it be. The other issue I came across was the ignition coil is open circuit so no spark, guess I will have to get it rewound or find a good secondhand one. Thanks for your time Colin
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome arcot1751.....if you think I can help with the B31 just ask, always willing to help rampant......yes that was me in Worthy Williams column in OBM last month Colin
  11. Yes Ron, thanks for the reply, I'm wondering about that M too, I am hoping for an answer on here Colin
  12. Yes Ian, the RF60 logbook confirms Oxford, first name in logbook is the dealer Kings Motors Ltd, New Road, Oxford dated 2/7/46. Colin
  13. Hi all As in my introduction I bought the two bikes, a Panther and a Royal Enfield WD/RE 125cc to rebuild and put on the road but before I start the Enfield I want to know exactly what I have bought, what do I know? well it was registered in 1946 for road use and used by various owners until 1951 then put in the shed and forgotten about until the son of the last owner decided to rebuild it around 1994 along with the Panther (at the same time) but due to ill health the two bikes were never completed and and he sadly passed away a few years ago, his son mentioned the two bikes to a friend of a friend and I bought both bikes. The frame number is 5949 which is also stamped on the engine and the engine number is .M.1601. (the full stops represent centre punch dots), it has Mansfield saddle, Miller headlamp and switch, Amal carb, swivel footrests and handlebars, bean tin exhaust, standard kickstart, the photos will say far more than I can about the bike, if it is ex WD then I will rebuild it as ex WD............then the questions will begin. Colin
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Colin and have just joined the club and the reason for joining is I recently bought a couple of motorcycles, one was a 36 Panther the other a Royal Enfield Flying Flea ex WD I think, it registered for the road in 1946 and had few owners until 1951 when it put in the shed with the Panther and then forgotten about. I have rebuilt the Panther and will shortly start to rebuild the Enfield, in my search for infomation on this bike I found this site and I am hoping the members of this club with the knowledge they have will help me with the rebuild of this bike. A little about myself, I am 65 in March and a Toolmaker by trade, I worked for Bowden Cables for forty years until closure in 2006, I now work for another cable company but only thirty hours a week which will reduce to twenty in March. My wife passed away in 2010 and since then to occupy the time I have rebuilt motorcycles, to date I have completed ten to what I think is a good standard, I do not rebuild to sell or for investment just for the enjoyment of doing it and riding the finished bike. Where do I keep all these bikes you might ask! well there are two in the lounge, one in the hall, and one in the dining room, two in the shed and four in a friends garage, I getting short on storage room. I will post photos (if I can, not very good with computers) of the bike in the correct section and any comments will be great. Thanks for reading Colin
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