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  1. were my eyes playing up or was the Sherman crabbing left track in as it came down the hill
  2. Adrian thats what I used to notice when I was driving Firepowers Chevy Quad, 80 year old ex gunners Deaf as a post always got into the commanders seat quicker than I could get into the drivers and as for the grins on their faces afterwards, well it just made your day, especially when they were with screaming kids in the back.
  3. bet he whipped up the side and into his position like a 19 year old.
  4. I am due to see Simon Dunstan in the near future as he hopes to do a new large book on the Centurion and he has already seen the 700 odd from RAWHS colln when I first met him, and feels that some of the views held may tell differing stories to those of the past. View of single Cent line at Leeds attd.
  5. In response to supertrack I have visual evidence of new that Cents and chieftains starting off inverted in the jig then being turned right way up, also the cent turret line at Leeds was all turret ring up until the last job on it was finished
  6. Oh how I agree with your last line Adrian Alan
  7. Going very slightly off track, I am aware that during 1951 Woolwich Arsenal had refurbished over a thousand Matadors from very rough condition back to perfect, do any of you guys know if your MAtador has a rework plate for ROF(W) between 1950 and 1952?
  8. my youngest son treated my wife and I to a trip on the London Eye last year for my 3score birthday and the DUKWS weree based just along the road so I took a piccie
  9. from the 60 pounders in firing positions at the left rear I reacon thats SALisbury plain, larkhill in about 1927,
  10. Mark Smith the curator at Firepower is a member on here under some pseudonim perhaps he can give answer, I'll give him a nudge next ttime I see him
  11. The third shot down showing an underwater scene in anonymous-generalpics claims to be a Matador but front and side windows dont look right could it be an albion CX22?
  12. I think you can see the planks in these images from RAWHS
  13. do you mean these bits of kit from the RAWHS colln
  14. Phil is this the early type of raidtrac?
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