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Salute to the forties 2010 - chatham dockyard

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One of the most unique 1940's shows in the UK. Set in the heart of a preserved naval Dockyard almost unaltered since the war years, this one has almost everything, including the bomb damage! Activities include real warships, concerts, Admiralty steam railway, river trips, Police Station, air raids, fire fighting, bomb disposal, British Restaurant, and much more. New for this year is the Yanks Zone complete with its own USO Concert Party and a 1940's style Street Market with pitches available at great rates. All Allied armed forces and home front participants are very welcome. As usual all pre-registered participants get free access to all the Historic Dockyard galleries and attractions including the newly restored Smithy that will house the wartime shipbuilding pictures by the celebrated war artist Sir Stanley Spencer. Pre-registered participants also have free camping from Friday through to first thing Monday. For more info and updates visit www.thedockyard.co.uk or phone 01634-823821.

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I'll be there as usual. Great show, although I thought last year was let down by having the music inside rather than on the hard standing as in the previous years. I think it created a better atmosphere when out in the open for all to hear. Just my tuppence.

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