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HMS Queen Elizabeth, New British aircraft carrier preview video.

RGJ/H. Alan

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The Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers (formerly the CV Future[nb 1] or CVF project) are a two-ship class of aircraft carrier being built for the Royal Navy. HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to enter service in May 2016;[5] HMS Prince of Wales in 2018. The vessels will displace about 65,000 tonnes (full load), be 280 metres (920 ft) long and capable of carrying up to 50 aircraft.






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Quite if they will survive the potential 25% cut in the defence budget after the next election is questionable.


It's not the cost of the carriers themselves that's the problem, more the aircraft to put on them!

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I understand a bit of thought went into the choice of names for the two carriers. Who in government will be man or woman enough to scrap a ship called The Queen Elizabeth?


It didn't stop them killing off the last attempt back in 1966. CVA-01 and CVA-02 were to be called Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh!

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