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  1. Very interesting to see this,I own polecat 2 which is also one and more complete, waiting it’s turn for restoration
  2. Well I’m toying with the idea of selling my 101 ambulance, it will need recommissioning due to not running for several years, will need new tyres and a complete strip down of paintwork due to multiple layers, any interest?
  3. Thanks for the link,to be honest I’m a bit out of the loop in the Pandy world didn’t realise he was retiring wonder if any of the vehicles will be for sale?
  4. For all the CVRT owners a heads up for alot of new spares being auctioned off on Brightwells auction site, finishing today!
  5. I'm having a sort out of my barn as we will be selling up and moving and I came across this ex military fuel/oil can not sure of the age or what it did hold, does anybody know?
  6. I am after an ex military defender tailgate with the attachments still fitted for the pioneer tools, cash waiting ,shropshire area
  7. I’m sure the winch on my Bv206 is a Sepson but as I’m in lockdown and the vehicle is 40 miles away I can’t check sorry, if you do find any info I’m after solenoids for it!
  8. For those in isolation or at a loose end, might be worth a read through this as the dates are again relevant! Take care everybody!
  9. sorry always thought it was merrick! has anyone??
  10. Hi all, I'm after Steve Merrick's contact number (ferret and cvrt specialist from Telford) if anyone could pm me it please
  11. Blimey wished i hadn't said anything now!
  12. I was wondering how much 30 cals are fetching now as I have one that came with my ferret and to be honest it sits in the cupboard under stairs more times than it gets shown, old deact with certificate
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