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  1. Not much help sadly as to the Comet's whereabouts after it left. Someone might get back to me.
  2. Reply from an Old Comrade who lives that way: That comet stood outside of the Fort at Horsley Hill South Shields. ( About 1 mile from home ) The T.A centre was home to the Northumberland Hussars and other units. Have had many a new years eve party in that building in the background. I recall it being put onto a tank transporter, but can't remember it's final resting place. Hard to believe but it was never vandalised.
  3. You are supposed to shout "Quack, quack" when you see another DUKW! Oh, the embarrassment of it!
  4. Quote: I certainly miss the comradeship & the banter....nothing quite like it in civvy street. Was it fun & good times all the time ?, no, but the good stuff usually outweighed the bad. I wasn't there in the 70s/80s, but in the 60s on Centurion and Chieftain with the 11th Hussars. Nothing quite like in civvy street about weighs it up. We have a thriving Old Comrades Association and website and meet up for the main reunion every year and it's excellent.
  5. Spotted yesterday at Okehampton Camp, something of a rarity.
  6. In my Classic and Sportscar magazine. Nurburgring 1964, not a great pic, what are the Army trucks I wonder?
  7. Andy, re trousers, it's called wardrobe shrinkage! That's what RN son in law calls it anyway.
  8. I trawled around and found stuff about number plates, towing attachments and tyres. I spent most of the time going round and round from one page to another and back etc. Perhaps its all their cunning way of not telling us what's going on!
  9. Wrong place I suspect, but I sent you a PM Steve, I think I did it correctly. I am who you think I am!!
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