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  1. My Matador is fitted with the Westinghouse full air braking system. There is not really any back pressure against the foot on the pedal and it goes down to the bottom but the lower you push down the pedal the harder the brakes are applied. When driving you have to judge how far down to press the pedal to slow the vehicle as you intend rather than rely on sensing how hard your foot is pressing on the brake.
  2. Going back to the lining material issue, I would be surprised if Saftek were unable to help. I have always found them obliging and able to deal with one offs. http://www.saftek.co.uk/
  3. In have one of these- current use as a bowser for towing behind a steam roller. The pumps, filters, etc. were missing when I bought it. It is similar to the one pictured earlier in the thread in the Piano Del Orme musuem, same type wheels and flat and fluted mudguards. The data plate is shown below. Made by D+P Ltd. Who were they?
  4. Searching on the internet, I found some discussion and information on Brockhouse trailers here- http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9264&page=2
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