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sherman M4A4 (in France )


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like you johann i know the position of all the parts i need to complete all my restorations. they are on the military areas that are restricted to civilians just waitnig to be found but finding them is easy, getting permission from the army to remove them is the hard part.



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I'd love to see the photos but the server won't let me! I'll have to wait until I'm back in England, but it SOUNDS very interesting, thanks for saving a piece of history. Nevermind one Sherman troop, the HMVF will have a couple of troops at this rate.. maurice, yours is a Ic right? How is it coming along?

Alastair , yep mine is a IC tonight the front ammo rack is going in at the ex co drivers place , was a bit of getting the pipework in for the wirreless junction box behind the ammo rack , the pipng is different then in a VC , so had to investigate several wrecks before finding out the routing . Funny size pipe as well 19mm outside diameter.

next to the drivers seat was a bracket wich I also couldnt figure out , but saw in 2 other wrecks the same thing , in one i openned the lid and discoverred the starting relay in it , makes sense to relocate it , because if it stayes in the orriginal possition , you can`t reach it without taking the ammo bins away , and for that the turret has to come off as well . So it must have been a weak point on early firefly`s , till now I have only seen 3 with this mod . Next thing is drivers seat wich model ? spring loaded tube frame type or scissor type , have to go to Wiltz in Luxemburg to see what is in that one . the Wilts one is from the same period as mine .

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