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  1. Do yu still have the m426, I got one too.

  2. No worries plenty of spanners to go round
  3. Hi Martin welcome aboard . I used to work at Armourgeddon and they are a cracking bunch with some nice vehicles around them also i'm fairly local to you and run a military vehicle restoration business up in the hills near penistone so if your ever passing feel free to call in and say hello kettle is usually on. cheers Iain AKA Sharky
  4. Give Happydaze(stuart) a shout on here .He works in the nut and bolt trade.
  5. We have a wC54 we are restoring at the minute (in between customer work so not a fast restoration) which would be for sale either finished or with an offer to complete restoration to your spec. private message me and i will send some pics and more imfo we are based in south Yorkshire UK.
  6. There is usually a plate with chassis number ,reg and various other imfo on the engine bulkhead just behind drivers seat on left hand side .
  7. No worries. Hope its still available.
  8. hope this helps . http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a2445
  9. I'll take a trip to the shops sharky an stock up on tea an biscuits coz I'm sure I'll need help somewhere lol You could get an awful lot of tea and biscuits in the back top notch bribery .
  10. Welcome aboard.Nice project. If you need any help or fabrication work we are based over at Barnsley so feel free to give us a shout and can easily be bribed with biscuits and tea.
  11. Try Stuart Garner at Armourgeddon in Leicestershire https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/
  12. I get my scuttle back from blasters next week hopefully i,ll measure it up. Also see what P. marriot comes up with
  13. If you can find out that would be great
  14. I'm just about to do that job myself. I have a swager roller so going to see if i can replicate it. if its fairly easy i will attempt to make 2 if you like.
  15. Hoping to attend with about 8 vehicles more if i can get a few more folk interested. We have been working with the armed forces day team and they were up with us the other day to do some promotional photos. Are you based around Penistone No signals? we are based up at Millhouse green you should call in for a brew if your passing.
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