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  1. Do yu still have the m426, I got one too.

  2. No worries plenty of spanners to go round
  3. Hi Martin welcome aboard . I used to work at Armourgeddon and they are a cracking bunch with some nice vehicles around them also i'm fairly local to you and run a military vehicle restoration business up in the hills near penistone so if your ever passing feel free to call in and say hello kettle is usually on. cheers Iain AKA Sharky
  4. Saw 4 of them on the M1 on Fri around Nottingham laden with 3 AS90's and an avre type vehicle awesome sight
  5. Could nt agree with you more Craig sorry I wasnt about this weekend but family commitments prevented it. Must admit got soaked to the skin Friday sorting thru that curtain sided trailer and my boots are still on the radiator. Hat off to you guys having seen it all in the flesh so to speak you had a massive task in front of you and you got it done. Iain
  6. Yesterday travelling north on M5 a kubelwagon on tow behind a saab could nt tell if it was a repro or not as I was travelling in the opposite direction
  7. Welcome to the forum Bryn if you need any help with the resto give me a shout Iain aka sharky
  8. Saw a Gmc travelling on the back of a beaver tail east bound on M4 little Evelyn painted on side today about 6 oclock
  9. p.m Andy for the links Robin . i have downloaded them this morning absolutely brilliant they cover nearly everything you can think of Iain
  10. Hi Andy , nice one i was gonna email you and see how you had got on with this . just shows persitance pays off . ring now to start the downloading many thanks Iain
  11. cheers for your replies to my thread i have been a bit slack in all fairness some great imfo and i am really glad to see that there are still at least some of the vehicles not hidden away in storage never to be seen again cheers again Iain:thumbsup:
  12. cheers guys i was talking about the museum with my brother the other day thats what prompted this thread . where abouts is that dodge now looks an interesting place . Has any one else got any photos of grange cavern as it was ,the only ones i can find now are on the urban exploration sites showing it empty an rather sad looking cheers Iain
  13. years ago as a kid i visited the grange cavern museum at holywell and i was just wondering what happened to the collection after the museum closed there is very little imformation online. Iain
  14. travelling down to kent on a job sunday morning spotted a scammell explorer in desert paint travelling west at the top of the M11 where it joins the A14 about 11am didnt get a could view as i was on other side of road but these are my favourite MV so but a big smile on my face to see it :cool2: Iain
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